Searching for the most perfect studs ;)

Oh how I wish this meant what you’re thinking!


Photo by Jim Wright for Mens Fitness Magazine

But no, earrings dear, earrings!

I have had my ears pierced for a long time, I think I was 8 or 9. I then had my cartilage pierced, twice – or helix as shown below. Honestly I have no idea on the correct names so thought this diagram may help explain my waffle.


I also got my second holes done around 10 years ago, however, they’ve never really took, by this I mean that any earrings I wear tend to really irritate me; either they make me itch, or they pee me off royally whilst trying to sleep.

Granted I’ve never gone out of my way to get some really decent earrings that would hopefully not cause this reaction.

Until now, and boy-oh-boy am I fussy. I knew that I wanted studs, gold or rose gold studs. They needed to be nickel free (hopefully this will help), and not too large – I think my second hole is a little too close to my first, which means that larger earrings collide with my first really simple gold ball studs (booorrrinnnggg). I also knew my budget; I was willing to spend up to £100 – which is very unlike me! I remember spending £19 on a pair of silver hoops when I was about18/19, and I thought it was ludicrous – and that was with a birthday voucher! BUT I really want this relationship to work out, so I knew I needed to invest. However, then came the tricky part, trying to find a pair that met the above criteria, and that basically warranted the money – I didn’t want a plain pair that cost silly money, but I also didn’t want something that looked all blingy.

Ergghh the search was painful. I looked everywhere in Vegas – but they all seemed to be diamond $500 dollar disaters – no thanks. I looked in Thomas Sabo – again nothing that interesting, or they were just too big. I looked on every jewellery site I follow on instagram, searched through Asos,  even looked on the Argos website (oh the shame)! Then one morning whilst checking through my emails, I saw that Ella Gregory off of the fab Coco’s Tea Party had included a company called Astrid and Miyu in her ‘Monthly Top 10’ feature.

I thought I’d have a nose round the website and as soon as I clicked on the studs category there they were, by they I mean around 20 pairs that I wanted, all of which cam in silver, gold, or rose gold. Uh oh!

In the end I picked these beauties…


Hamsa Hands in Rose Gold

How pretty are these?! AND they were£39. Granted not a steal, but less than half the price I was considering. I’m completely in love with them and cannot wait for them to arrive!

I also couldn’t resist this ring…


It’s soooo pretty and dainty! This is called their Zodiac Ring – in Aries with a diamond – woooo! Also £39.00

Just to add to my luck you get 10% discount if you sign up to their newsletters.

I’m actually thinking I may have to go on another little spree as I seriously LOVE everything on the website – my next purchases maybe…

All photos taken from the Astrid & Miyu website.

Go take a look and I challenge you not to want EVERYTHING!!!


Date Night…

Hey kids,

so tonight I have a date (scared face), I met a guy at my friends engagement party last Saturday, actually it was in the bar after the engagement party, just to make it sound even more desperate, he he! And we got on, after much flirting he took my number and asked if I was free the following weekend, obviously I said yes. He text me a couple of times before confirming our date; Friday 20th September, 8pm, Putney – just to make it even more scarier. I’ve never been to Putney, pathetic I know from a 27 year singleton!

So WHAT TO WEAR?? (another scared face.)

Tuesday lunchtime I popped into H&M and had a browse (I’m getting so much better at disabling the “buy everything straight away and be poor for the rest of the month” reflex) and came across a cute jumper (I’ve been looking into differing jumpers considering the weather changed overnight from boiling hot to monsoon and freezindom) but nothing was really catching my eye at the amounts they were being sold for. However, the one in Hennies was £9.99 and the fluffy type that’s everywhere at the moment, and which I hoped would look cute but casu (casual), sold! Right next to it was a lovely cream, sleevless blouse with gold studs around the collar (I have one in Khaki) also at £9.99, not for the date but either for another night or even work! So to the till and just to make it all even better the store was having some secret promotion, which took off £5 = £15 for a jumper and a blouse – brilliant!


BUT then today, D-day, I went into New Look to look for a big chunky necklace to go over my jumper and ended up spending £62.95 – oops! Maybe not getting better at that whole reflex thing after all! But I did well to be fair, I got:


A chunky gold necklace – £5.99

A set of 5 midi rings – £3.99

A really cool chunky lion head gold bracelet – £6.99

A dark green blouse – £17.99

AND some cute lil’ tan ankle boots – £27.99 , which look pretty good quality me thinks?!

The H&M and New Look mash up…