Pop over to Depop…

Have you heard of Depop? It’s my new little obsession. I would describe as a mix of eBay and instagram. Intrigued now huh!

All you need to do is download the app and create a @ username.

Mine is @sayitwithlace. Obvs ;) an here are some of the items I’m selling…


It’s super easy! So go on, get shopping/selling!

Pop over to Depop…

Have you heard of Depop? It’s my new little obsession. I would describe as a mix of eBay and instagram. Intrigued now huh!

All you need to do is download the app and create a @ username.

Mine is @sayitwithlace. Obvs ;) an here are some of the items I’m selling…


It’s super easy! So go on, get shopping/selling!

March to April, and nearly May…

So it’s been a whole four weeks (nearly five – I keep forgetting what day it is this week) since I last posted, and for a couple of weeks before that I think it was only one a week. Honestly I have just been ridiculously crazy at work, think overtime, early mornings, not sitting down all day, and falling asleep at 6pm one Saturday night! Everything started to slow down at the beginning of last week. However, I just needed to chill out and think about what trashy tv programme I was going to watch and that was about it. That’s all my brain power could muster.

So I thought I’d share a flashback of what I’ve been up to when not chained to my desk for the entire day, and then some…

A Besties Baby Shower

One of my eldest friends has just a her gorgeous baby boy! We’ve been friends since we were four years old, and she was tasked with looking after me on my first day of school. Needless to say I’m so happy for her, her fiancée and the new family they’ve made!

So obviously we had to celebrate, at the end of March we did just this by attending a fun-filled baby shower, where there were games, food, and pressies aplenty.

Embarrassingly I didn’t finish my gift in time, so took it along and then had ask for it back. Oh the shame! My reasoning/excuse was that this is one of the first pregnancies I have been close to where the sex was a secret, I seriously struggled with the unisex concept. But here it is all nice and hole-free. My friend had lots of Winnie-the-Pooh themed baby bits, and her surname is Cherry so this helped a little when picking some of the fabric.


My Birthday

One of my friends and I celebrate our birthdays within a week of one another, so this year we decided to celebrate together with a leopardy birthday bash. Meaning everyone had to wear leopard print.

My initial thought was that I wanted to wear a leopard print catsuit, which I found on Boohoo in the sale for £15. The problem was that a) it was a little high-necked – I do not suit high-necks AT ALL, and b) the dress code wasn’t dress as a leopard, but wear leopard attire. So I felt that I would look a little, let’s say daft. So instead I opted for my leopard print disco pants, also from Boohoo, and a gold sequinned top.


I also got my gold MAC liquid eyeliner out and attempted some temporary leopard print tattoos – which you can just see in the picture above.

A Besties Hen Do

The week after my birthday it was one of the besties hen dos in Bristol. We all set off at 10am, which meant I didn’t have to wait for ages for the fun to start (I hate that), and met at some gorgeous tea rooms, called Cox and Baloney for sandwiches, scones, and cocktails in teapots.

After we checked into the Mercure hotel to get ready – the theme was bright lips and lashes and some of the lashes were pretty out there, here was the look I went for…

Lips and Lashes

Then it was time for dinner followed by lots more cocktails, we headed out for some yummy tapas!


Then we danced the night away at Java, where we were VIP’s (obviously)!

Slowly but surely the 20 strong group whittled down to only three of us, and oh how I regretted that at breakfast the next morning, not as much as the bride-to-be however!


The long weekend was hugely anticipated, for around two weeks before, amongst the mayhem that was work, and I was counting down to some serious downtime. My aim was to rest after the previous week’s hen antics, and try to be productive – read: wake up without a hangover, at a reasonable hour, blitz my room, and try and get as many bits as possible onto ebay/my blog sale.

As well as fit in some Easter egg hunt fun, and meet my new crush Beau (my friends new gorgeous bubba).

My plan went well until Saturday night, where after two nights of staying in and going to bed early-ish (after pottering about the house all day), and already dodging invitations to go out on both Thursday and Friday nights, meant I was starting to get cabin fever. A friend asked if I wanted to go for a drink by the river, which turned into 2-4-1 cocktails, and a wristband for free entry to an extremely cheesy club. Followed by a chicken burger at three in the morning, and a lay-in until midday. Oops, fail!

From then on the productivity went out of the window, and far too soon I’m sitting back at my desk at work… and the long weekend is history.

So on that note I’d like to say I’M BACK! I’ve missed you!


Battle of the Bad-ish Boys

A little bit of fun, albeit some serious questions here guys… It’s the battle of the supernatural bad boys and/or fighters.

So here it goes…
Let’s start with the original, and the best…


Angel, Spike, Riley

Although he sports an Eminem-esq hair do throughout each season, he’s pretty mean, and oh yeh – he’s a vampire, I still have to pick Spike as my fave, I loved him and Buffy together. Yes I know I’m a geek!


I’m only on series two of this one (no spoilers), so I’m excited to see how these boys grow into there already amazingly yummy looks!





But sorry it’s just rude to pick between brothers!

True Blood

Bill, Eric, Alcide

Another newbie to this, I literally only started, and finished, this one last December, but I’m definitely a fan! I wanted Sookie to be with all three of them at some point or another, no not all at once! Although I swiftly went off Bill – grrr!

Understandably Alcide is my favourite of favourites, first of all I love a boy in a plaid shirt, second of all, he looks like this underneath one…GASP!!!


Come on sneak a peak! And let me know which evil vampire, good vampire, vampire hunter, or werewolf you’d let stick around!

Just a little something pretty to look at, whilst I’m on the crazy work train at the moment!

Stick with me please : )








Pictures from fan pop, pics to pin, sookiestackhousewika, buffy.wikia, kulfoto

Vegas Baby…

So I’ve been designated the role of organiser in booking a trip to Vegas, tough times I know.

The problem lies in that, honestly, I think there simply may be just too much choice. So I thought I’d ask you for some help :)

Here’s the brief;
Accommodation for 6
A fancy pants hotel
A good pool, and by good I mean amazing!

What I need help with is basically knowing which hotels are good to stay in, and which are a little bit shabby.

Which ones have fabulous pools, and generally anything else I may need!

How to come back with enough winnings to pay for the whole trip would also be appreciated!

Also any sites that do good deals in terms of helicopter rides, shows and all that other fun stuff!
Picture from The Hipmunk Blog

Wednesday Wishlist – On a Friday!

I know I know, I’ve been rubbish, to make it up to you I have put together this lush list of candles that I’m thinking about forgoing food for…

Candles1. The White Company Geranium Candle £26.00 I love the white on white design here!

2. Amara Jonathan Adler Peace Studded Candle £125.00 – Wow oh WOW! I need this in my life, tacky – oh yeh, but so cool! But at that price, again wow oh WOW!!

3. H&M Candle Collection £3.99 – A fab range in lots of colours at a great price!

4. Diptique £40.00 I still can’t believe I haven’t bought one of these coveted babies yet, however, I can’t decide if the scents are too strong for me, I also can’t decide which one I like best!

5. Jo Malone Grapefruit Candle £39.00 – Another one that thus far has escaped my grasp, although admittedly I don’t think I have ever even sniffed one ; o GASP!

6. Marks and Spencer Large Coconut Candle £12.00 – Coconut, enough said – yummy!

Too pricey? Primark have some gorgeous Vanilla and Coconut ones which I’ve been loving recently – so  much so that I’ve picked up the glass jar one, two pillar ones, the tea lights, and the diffuser! They just smell so yummy, and are actually the most scented candles – without being headachey – that I have ever come across, I will definitely be stocking up on these bad boys! And at £2 a pop – complete bargain!!

What are your fave scents and brands of candles?


Oscars 2014

So awards season is officially over, sad times! Here are my picks of the 86th Oscars…

Just click on the picture to make it larger.


Photos from top left: Jennifer Lawrence – Dior Couture,  Anne Hathaway – Gucci,  Naomi Watts – Calvin Klein, Olga Kurylenko – Alice Elia – through Suzy Amis Cameron’s Red Carpet Green DressSally Hawkins – Valentino, Julie Delpy – Jenny Packham, Karen O – Camilla Staerk and Brandy St. John, Olivia Wilde – Valentino, Portia De Rossi – Naeem Khan, Veerle Baetens, Bette Midler – Reem Acra, Calista Flockhart – Andrew GN.

However, I think these fab ladies win hands down for the accolade of BEST DRESSED, not only for this years Oscars, but for the entire awards season! For both gals I literally gasped, and WOWED, oohhhed and ahhhed. They both just look so so stunning…


Kelly Osbourne wore a Badgley Mischka dress, whilst Kate Hudson draped herself in Alteir Versace.


I think it’s become clear, not only through this post but my other award posts, that I am partial to a creamy, goldy, embroidered gown; why not remind yourself of all my other best dressed celebs …

Emmys, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, BAFTA’s!

The Boys


Jared Leto aka ‘Best Supporting Actor for Dallas Buyers Club’, wore Saint Laurent, I especially loved his spangly buttons!

An Afterthought…

My initial feeling to Cate Blanchett’s dress was “it’s pretty, but I’ve seen better”. However, after watching some highlights (the actual show was 1:30-4:00am on a Sunday night – not sure my boss would have been happy with me Monday morning) and seeing Ryan Seacrest chatting with her, I decided that actually she looked absolutely gorgeous. I think this is enhanced through the fact that she simply oozes loveliness – she just seems so kind and genuine! But also her skin, (oh my!) and her hair, she literally shines, and because she’s made my picks in each award post I couldn’t not include her here, I think she’s worthy ; )


Who are your award season heroes? And have you seen any of the ‘must see’ films? I’m currently reading “12 Years a Slave” SOB!


The Double Cleanse


Now this is all relatively new to me, silly really, seeing as it’s really very logical!

But the double cleanse is literally cleansing, twice! WOW!

Obviously the more you clean anything the cleaner it becomes, but I think the thing that hit me when I found out about this pretty standard beauty process, is how much cleansing once doesn’t really clean your face at all. Obviously yes it takes off your make-up, mostly. But if the cotton pad / cloth is covered in your day old make-up how can it clean your skin and pores? How have I never thought about this before?!

I suppose It’s a bit like when you go to the hairdressers, they always shampoo twice; once to clean your hair, and the second one to clean your scalp. But who actually does this at home? I mean sometimes I’m REALLY bad, usually after a night out and I simply just can’t wait to get into bed, so don’t take my make-up off at all (I know awful), let alone do the whole routine twice.

But in fact I now quite look forward to this little process, granted it’s usually in the week when I go to bed at a reasonable hour. But it feels like I’m pampering myself a little!

First I use Clarins Instant Make-up Remover, which is SO amazing for removing eye make-up – even waterproof mascara, or Bioderma Micelle Solution, which is completely refreshing – I’m actually really looking forward to using this in the summer – so one of these two products on two cotton pads and then I just gently hold them over my eyes for about 20-30 seconds, I do get a little impatient so have to do a bit of wiping, but if you can last a bit longer the make-up just melts off.

I then wipe these over my face. first cleanse done – if you can call it a cleanse now?!

Then I use a cream cleanser, at the moment I have three on rotation; Clarins Cleansing Milk, Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, or a Superdrug dupe of the latter product called Vitamin E Skin Care Hot Cloth Cleanser (honestly I can’t tell the difference between these last two at all). I rub this all over, and into my face and neck, and try and give a really good massage of this into the skin to get the blood flowing – again this depends on how lazy I’m feeling. Then I simply “polish” it off with the muslin cloth supplied with both the Hot Cloth Cleansers, or a flannel. Second cleanse done.

I do like to give a quick wipe over my face with the rinsed cloth/flannel once more, but as this is already in my hands and the water’s running it literally takes around 10 seconds – not sure I can count that as a third cleanse?!

Go on give it a try, you won’t believe how clean and refreshed your skin feels. To test this you can use your normal method of taking your make-up off, then with a cotton pad add some more cleanser and run it over your face – if it comes back brilliantly white then kudos to you, but chances are you’ll be doubling up every night of the week!

For loads more tips on skin care check out either Caroline Hirons or Lisa Eldridge’s blogs! Although I warn you – they’re much more strict than I am, which I suppose is why they literally sparkle!

Which are your favourite cleansers?


My Pick of the BAFTAs 2014…

Did anyone watch the BAFTA’s last night? I sat in front of my TV with my notebook and iPad (following E! Online UK on Twitter), eagerly awaiting for the Red Carpet coverage to start with Dermot and Fearne. I have to say I was a little disappointed. It’s no secret that I haven’t been bowled over by this year’s award season, as mentioned here, however, last night it wasn’t  the catwalk – who are they kidding – but the lack of coverage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Fearne and Dermot, both individually and as a duo, and it was obvious that they “grabbed” everyone they could. But quite a few people slipped through the net. After a bit of research this morning I realise that quite a few people arrived early – that’s just annoying! Half of the gals below I didn’t see strut their stuff – is this not an opportunity missed!? I think so, even if it wasn’t to show case your dress, surely you’d want to “accidently” bump into Leo, or Fassbender, or TOM HARDY! Although he’s another one that I didn’t realise was there until he popped up to present the Best Leading Actress award.

Oh well, here are my picks…


Photos from Vogue.co.uk, Grazia Daily and Contact Music

Pictures from Left to Right: Lupita Nyong’o in a Christian Dior Couture dress and Ana Khouri jewellery, Claudia Winkleman in Alice Temperley, Imogen Poots in Givenchy, Olga Kurylenko in Burberry, Fearne Cotton in William Vintage, Rebecca Wang, Rita Wilson in Jenny Packham, Hofit Golan, Sara McDonald, Maggie Gyllenhaal in Lanvin, Laura Haddock in Burberry, Alicia Vikander in Chanel, Helen McCrory, Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen and Chopard jewelry, Amy Adams in Victoria Beckham, Uma Thurman in Atelier Versace.

Granted I have had no idea who half of this bunch were, but they looked bloomin’ lovely! And in the interest of being thorough I did a lil’ bit of rsearch for y’all…

Imogen Poots – Actress in Casualty, 28 Weeks Later, V for Vandetta tpo name a few – she has a couple of films out this year! Olga Kurylenko – Quantum of Solice (how did I not recognise her). Rebecca Wang – producer. Hofit Golan – Israel’s answer to Paris Hilton apparently. Sara McDonald Noel Gallaghers wife. Laura Haddock (I knew I recognised her, but I just couldn’t place her face) The Inbetweeners, Captain America. Alicia Vikander –  Anna Karenina.

Who’s your fave this time?? I’m actually finding it hard to pick!


Not So Valentine Flowers…

Forget the hearts, roses and chocolates, I want daisies!

dc42ae706a1ed6ff00dfd73086b20d04ointerestIf you haven’t yet noticed (you will from now on) daisies are absolutely everywhere!

Every main fashion brand has some sort of attire or accessory that bands this lil’ flower, (how can some people think they’re weeds?!) I defy you to go into a main store and not find something with a daisy/daisy print on!

Here are some examples of this trend…

Dress Forever 21 £12.75, Shorts Topshop £30, Earrings River Island £2 , Cami New Look £12.99, Jumper Topshop £38, Corset Dress Topshop £34, Compact Mirror Forever 21 £3.15, Bikini Motel Rocks £39, Collared Dress Bank £25, Maxi Dress Motel Rocks £48, Dungarees ASOS £18, Leggings New Look £12.99, Play Suit Oh My Love £35, Play Suit Motel Rocks £45.

Not sure if you could don full on flower power, why not try your hand (literally) at some nail art…


What are your thoughts on this trend? Not to brag but I was wearing this last June… : )