Wednesday Wishlist – On a Friday!

I know I know, I’ve been rubbish, to make it up to you I have put together this lush list of candles that I’m thinking about forgoing food for…

Candles1. The White Company Geranium Candle £26.00 I love the white on white design here!

2. Amara Jonathan Adler Peace Studded Candle £125.00 – Wow oh WOW! I need this in my life, tacky – oh yeh, but so cool! But at that price, again wow oh WOW!!

3. H&M Candle Collection £3.99 – A fab range in lots of colours at a great price!

4. Diptique £40.00 I still can’t believe I haven’t bought one of these coveted babies yet, however, I can’t decide if the scents are too strong for me, I also can’t decide which one I like best!

5. Jo Malone Grapefruit Candle £39.00 – Another one that thus far has escaped my grasp, although admittedly I don’t think I have ever even sniffed one ; o GASP!

6. Marks and Spencer Large Coconut Candle £12.00 – Coconut, enough said – yummy!

Too pricey? Primark have some gorgeous Vanilla and Coconut ones which I’ve been loving recently – so  much so that I’ve picked up the glass jar one, two pillar ones, the tea lights, and the diffuser! They just smell so yummy, and are actually the most scented candles – without being headachey – that I have ever come across, I will definitely be stocking up on these bad boys! And at £2 a pop – complete bargain!!

What are your fave scents and brands of candles?


Wednesday Wishlist: Hair Care…

It’s that time again, the time when I literally list the things I’m coveting (for this week anyways), and want to spend all my money on.

This week it’s hair care!

I can’t tell you how much I wish for long, thick, glossy, gorgeous hair…


Photos left to right: Edge of Eden and  Pinterest PS. I LOVE Kate!

So this month I’m lusting these items to help me grow and groom my locks!


Photos: Top Row all Space.NK, Bottom Beauty Bay

  1. Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner range – £20 each – Space.NK
  2. Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray – £21.50 – Space.NK
  3. ORIBE Impermeable Anti Humidifying Spray – £37 (The texturising spray is so raved about, that I thought I’d go for this bad boy) – Space.NK
  4. 3″ More Inches Life Extending Shampoo, Conditioner, and Pre-wash Kit – £52 – Look Fantastic – This is the cheapest I’ve found it!

I’ve decided I’m going to get the 3 More Inches set to see how this works, obviously I’ll let you all know, but maybe I could buy the travel kit at £22.05 (this one is cheaper at Beauty Bay) instead?!

What are your top tips for keeping hair n great condition, as well as possibly adding on an inch or 2, or 3?!


Wednesday Wishlist – Camera Stuff…

After treating myself to my ammmmaaazzziinnggg new camera before Christmas, the Nikon D5300 to be exact; and after watching Vivianna Does Make-up and Lily Pebbles Blogging and Vlogging series on YouTube, I now want everything that goes with owning a super-duper DSLR.

Here’s what’s on the list so far…


All pictures and Prices from Amazon.

1. Velbon DF-61 Heavy Duty Aluminum Photo/Video Tripod – £22.39

2. Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control – £7.39

3. Walimex 75 Watt Macro Ring Light – £149.99

4. Nikon AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4D Lens – £245.00

5. Sigma 30mm f1.4EX DC HSM Digital Lens for Nikon – £319.99

6. WD My Passport 500GB USB 3.0 High Capacity Hard Drive for MAC – £59.00

Think I best stop spending my money on blusher/lippies/moisturiser etc. if I want to add this lot to my collection! And talking of beauty, check out my  beauty and skincare wish lists if that’s more your thing! Like the techy stuff? Then this one’s for you!

What are your camera must-haves fro the perfect photo?

Wednesday Wishlist – Skin Care…

I Thought I would throw in a Wednesday Wishlist for y’all today as I haven’t done one in a while…

Basically I have been religiously checking Bloglovin recently, as well as watching lots of vides on You tube, which means I have come across lots and lots of ‘2013 favourites’ posts and videos.

What’s interested me most, apart from all of the make-up (obvs) is all of the skin care products that I’ve seen. I have compiled quite a list let me tell ya!

A blog, and You tube channel that really sticks out and appeals to me is Vivianna Does Make-up, it’s my new go to blog. I dare to think about much she spends on beauty products! But it saves me from doing it : )

So from some of her testimonials the following items are what I’m coveting at the moment…


La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV Intense Rich – £13.20 – Escentual

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner – £14.39 – Escentual

Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer – £32.00 – Origins Website

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Booster – £24.99 – Boots

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution – £11.69 – Escentual

The Pro Hygiene Collection Make-up Brush Cleanser – £9.00 – Cult Beauty

There are a few more but I have in fact bought, or ordered them so will be reviewing these once I’ve decided how much I love them!

What are your most treasured skin care products? And do you have any specific blogs that you use as your beauty bible?


Beauty Shop Wish List…

As per my post earlier here are the items I am coveting from the Debenhams 10% off beauty range…

Beauty Shop Wish list


1 Prime Focus Prep and Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF 35 in Adjust – WAS £23 NOW £20.70

2 Prep and Prime Highlighter in Light Boost – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

The above two items I feel would help me on my way to the dewy glow I lust after, as mentioned here!

3 Eye Kohl in Minted – WAS £14 NOW £12.60

4 Brush Cleanser – WAS £10 NOW £9

I noticed a foundation brush this morning before leaving for work that is in dire need of a clean! Usually I just use shampoo, but maybe I should use a specific cleanser? What are your thoughts on this? Luckily I have some time on this one as I don’t often use a brush for foundation, I prefer to use my beauty blender, or my fingers!

5 Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow in Exquisite Ego – WAS £19  NOW £17.10

6 Powder Blush in Format OR Raizin – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

You can never have enough MAC blushers!


7 Crayon Eyeliner Waterproof Long Wear in Trinidad Black – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

I spotted this in a You Tube video buy Charlotte Tilbury, who was demonstrating a copper smoky eye tutorial on THE Laura Bailey (she’s so prwwweeetttyyy!) She uses some great products, I did have a look for some on Debenhams, but alas no such luck! But check out the video here


8 Meteorites Pearls Light Diffusing Primer – WAS£43 NOW£37.80

This was another You Tube video spot, but this time by the gorge Millie Mackintosh for This tutorial showed how to achieve glowing skin, which is also where I discovered the AMAZING Decleor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Expert Mask, mentioned here, watch the video below, and you can even shop the look to get everything you need!

Bobbi Brown

9 Rose Shimmer Brick Compact – WAS £32 NOW£28

10 Shimmer Blush in Flame – WAS £32 NOW £28

11 Sparkle Eye Shadow in Silver Moon – WAS £20 NOW£18

12 Navy and Nude Eye Palette – WAS £48 NOW £43.20

Ridiculously I don’t actually have ANY  Bobbi Brown make up. I remember growing up and knowing that this was the brand that you used to get a “natural – no make-up” look, then I got a bit older and it seemed that this was the go-to brand for wedding make-up. But looking at these items I think they’re gorgeous for any occasion! I WANT!

So far I’ve been really good and haven’t actually bought anything, but it is only just lunch time! I know I can’t get all of this, we’re talking nearly £300 worth of make-up and I simply can’t justify that all in one day, especially so close to Christmas, can I?

Maybe I’ll wait and see what Santa brings me and then hit up the January sales?? BUT I NEED IT NOW?!

Let me know (please – I can shop vicariously through you) if you’ve given in and bought something, ANYTHING!


Beauty Shop…

A bit of an impromptu post this morning. I was planning on giving you an update on my “Sorting my Life Out” journey, however, whilst in bed and trying to get up (a point that I will be adding to the aforementioned journey), I received an email update from Debenhams.

The title was in capitals, and rightly so, “Up to 30% OFF EVERY DEPARTMENT”. Now I have a very small Debenhams just round the corner from where I work, and they have had constant offers, discounts and sales on for the past three weeks or so. However, the beauty department was exempt from all of these offers, typical!

But not today my friends, it’s not the full 30%, but 10%, but hey it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (as my dad would say, ohhhh yes I did just quote my dad).

Now I’ve only scrolled to half way through page three, of which there are twelve, with 200 products on each – OH MY GOODNESS! And the reason I stopped was because I knew I had to share this with you asap!

I’m going to put together a wish list, and when I say wish list I mean it’s probably going to accidentally end up in my shopping basket and eventually to my eager hands!

But come back later to see if I had any type of restraint whatsoever and if not what I bought!



Frends with Benefits an Unexpected Christmas Wish …

Now now, reign in that filthy mind!

I’m obviously talking about the new Frends Headphones range “Frends with Benefits” in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be lusting after ANY pair of these little beauts, not only because they are soooo gorgeous, BUT because normal headphones (e.g iphone standard ones) really hurt my poor lil’ ears!

I didn’t think headphones could look so comfy, or get any prettier than the Frends Oil Slick, or Layla, and Taylor (bigger than the Layla) Rose Gold versions, which are available at Avenue 32.

Frends Oil Slick

Rose Gold

But no, enter these intensely beautiful babies…

Frends with Benefits

The Frends with Benefits range in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff, are, at the moment, only available in America via or for pre-order at Nordstrom.

Now for the Frends with Benefits range you must own the Taylor frame (I am unsure as to whether it has to be the gold frame), you can then simply swap the caps to suit your mood!
Frends with Benefits Caps
Frends with Benefits
Now they are not, by any stretch of the imagination cheap: Layla – £130, Taylor – £170, Oil Slick £140 all Avenue 32, and Friends with Benefits $249.95, which works out around £152 at Apple, Nordstrom’s are coming in at £162, BUT this is the only place (at the moment) that I can find the different caps, which are £32.39 a pair.
But I think the beauty of all of these may just be worth the cost?!
Head over to Refinery 29 for your chance to win your very own pair of the Frends With Benefits headphones. I’ve already entered!
Over on Rebecca’s Blog it’s said that “Rebecca used her favorite aquamarine embossed leather to create headphone caps to match the ultra-popular hologram accessories from her fall collection. Your #ootd will never be the same again.”
What are your thoughts on these? I still can’t decide which is my favourite?

Photos are taken from  Avenue 32, Nordstrom, and Refinery 29.

How much Leopard Print is too much Leopard Print?…

Yep, I think, I may, possibly, definitely have a problem…

As promised, here is my ever-increasing collection of leopard print items. Ranging from Dresses, to shoes, to cushions and a suit case : /


So including the new items I showed you yesterday, I have a grand total of 45 items. Excessive? Never!!






I’d love to know what you like best, or what you think is soooo completely tacky… I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Leopard Heels and my amazing suit case, and also my gorge tea cup (which I’m currently using as candle holder), which I got in a carboot sale on my holiday in France!

I can’t actually believe that I do not own a leopard print bag?! What’s that about!!??! On my wishlist (as I completely forgot it was Wednesday yesterday and didn’t post  my Wednesday Wishlist feature) I would love to find a bag, a nice notebook or planner, a make up bag (that’s where emj company can help), some ankle boots, a larger suitcase, ermmm what else?? Let me see…

I’d love to see your leopardy items. Follow me on Twitter and @Sayitwithlace and #leopardprint so I can see what ya got!!!


Wednesday Wishlist…

It’s time for another Wednesday wish list, this week’s is a little bit unrealistic. At least for buying all at once, these are my techno dreams…


My first purchase is going to be a Digital SLR Camera, however, I am so not in the know on these lil’ babies! I know I want either a Nikon or a Canon and something that I can build my knowledge with, I love the look of both of the above, and have scrolled through the reviews, which sound amazing. But before I commit to buying anything I want to be able to handle them and see which I prefer. Any help on the Nikon vs Canon debate would be truly appreciated, as would any advice on specific models!

I’m also hoping to get an ipad around Christmas – hopefully with some help towards it as a pressie : ) Then my phone contract ends in January so I’ll see what’s out then, but I love the look of the Sony Experia Z, it’s huge, and so sleek, I like the white option!

The Mac Book Pro is a bit of a pipe-dream, and not really needed, I do have an iMac. BUT they are sooooo pretty!!

What’s on your techno wish list?



Check out what I was lusting after last week here

Twitter finds…

Twitter is like a catalogue for unique and gorgeous products! I seem to find a new, brilliant, company every day at the moment. I’m literally finding it so hard not to spend bucket loads of money every day on each of these companies.

Oh My Love is one of those companies, and one that I did not succeed against in terms of keeping my money in my bank!


I found Oh My Love  because it popped up on feed and I instantly spotted this GORGEOUS leopard print playsuit, as you are probably starting to realise I am a leopard print magpie. I instantly browsed through their website and realised that every piece is just as beautiful, and really fairly priced. Which meant I obviously ended up having seven items in my basket, in all of ten minutes, four of which are leopard print and include the playsuit above! I defy you to check this website out and not buy anything!

Two companies that I have, as yet, been able to restrain myself on are Anarchy Street and Bauble Bar, this is simply because every time I go on each site I end up looking at a shopping basket of £100+, but bearing in mind that it’s pay day tomorrow I know I’m going to have to make a some tough cuts just so I can get some of this lush eye candy on my wrists, fingers and neck!

Anarchy Street – I LOVE their Hamsa hand collection – they did have a bracelet but I can’t seem to find it now : ( I’m sure a necklace and ring of the same style will make up for it!!


Bauble Bar – this site has so many stunning pieces that I haven’t even been able to look through everything yet, but their essentials section is a great place to start.Twitter-Finds-Bauble-Bar

I’m definitely going to be spending some serious money soon! Help me decide which pieces to pick…