Wednesday Wishlist – On a Friday!

I know I know, I’ve been rubbish, to make it up to you I have put together this lush list of candles that I’m thinking about forgoing food for…

Candles1. The White Company Geranium Candle £26.00 I love the white on white design here!

2. Amara Jonathan Adler Peace Studded Candle £125.00 – Wow oh WOW! I need this in my life, tacky – oh yeh, but so cool! But at that price, again wow oh WOW!!

3. H&M Candle Collection £3.99 – A fab range in lots of colours at a great price!

4. Diptique £40.00 I still can’t believe I haven’t bought one of these coveted babies yet, however, I can’t decide if the scents are too strong for me, I also can’t decide which one I like best!

5. Jo Malone Grapefruit Candle £39.00 – Another one that thus far has escaped my grasp, although admittedly I don’t think I have ever even sniffed one ; o GASP!

6. Marks and Spencer Large Coconut Candle £12.00 – Coconut, enough said – yummy!

Too pricey? Primark have some gorgeous Vanilla and Coconut ones which I’ve been loving recently – so  much so that I’ve picked up the glass jar one, two pillar ones, the tea lights, and the diffuser! They just smell so yummy, and are actually the most scented candles – without being headachey – that I have ever come across, I will definitely be stocking up on these bad boys! And at £2 a pop – complete bargain!!

What are your fave scents and brands of candles?


Blog Sale…

Hi All,

Just a really quick update for you today to let you know that I have FINALLY made a start on my Blog Sale (as mentioned here).

To view what’s currently for sale either click here, or click on the Blog Sale tab up top!

I have loadsa stuff so don’t forget to check back!!

This is such a big job, and has been a long time coming, so I’m so glad to finally make a start!


Christmas is over, booooo…

So it’s taken me a few days to well and truly get over the Christmas festivities! From lounging around in pj’s, scoffing my face, the thrill and excitement of my nieces staying over for a few days, and the impromptu nights out. I really did make the most of not having to go to work, and I have to admit I haven’t had the inclination to blog.

But I’m back, and without further ado here’s what I got for Christmas! I think I did rather well…

20131230-041359 pm.jpg

This year my pressies have been quite beauty orientated, I’ve been working on a spot for a dressing table (keep an eye out for that post!) so the No7 mirror, Muji storage drawers and the white make up caddy will all have a spot there, as will the MAC blush (Lavish Living) and lipstick (Milan Mode) I got.

20131230-044548 pm.jpg

20131230-044330 pm.jpg

I wanted a HD Brows palette and found that if I got the Latest in Beauty Glamour edition I could get this as well as some other lush products and save £5, and this box is still available!

I also got a couple of tops – a plaid shirt (I have a thing about shirts) and a fab top saying “what the fudge”.

20131230-045842 pm.jpg

My sister very kindly bought me some classic white converse, which I’m excited about!! Remember I said I couldn’t wait to give her her present, well here’s her reaction…

20131230-055352 pm.jpg

It’s exactly what I was hoping for. I bought her a pair of Carvela shoes from Kurt geiger, which she seemed happy with, I’m just hoping now that I can have my boots back from her!

All in all I had a great Christmas, and I cannot believe it’s over already!

What was your favourite xmas pressie?


Date Night…

Hey kids,

so tonight I have a date (scared face), I met a guy at my friends engagement party last Saturday, actually it was in the bar after the engagement party, just to make it sound even more desperate, he he! And we got on, after much flirting he took my number and asked if I was free the following weekend, obviously I said yes. He text me a couple of times before confirming our date; Friday 20th September, 8pm, Putney – just to make it even more scarier. I’ve never been to Putney, pathetic I know from a 27 year singleton!

So WHAT TO WEAR?? (another scared face.)

Tuesday lunchtime I popped into H&M and had a browse (I’m getting so much better at disabling the “buy everything straight away and be poor for the rest of the month” reflex) and came across a cute jumper (I’ve been looking into differing jumpers considering the weather changed overnight from boiling hot to monsoon and freezindom) but nothing was really catching my eye at the amounts they were being sold for. However, the one in Hennies was £9.99 and the fluffy type that’s everywhere at the moment, and which I hoped would look cute but casu (casual), sold! Right next to it was a lovely cream, sleevless blouse with gold studs around the collar (I have one in Khaki) also at £9.99, not for the date but either for another night or even work! So to the till and just to make it all even better the store was having some secret promotion, which took off £5 = £15 for a jumper and a blouse – brilliant!


BUT then today, D-day, I went into New Look to look for a big chunky necklace to go over my jumper and ended up spending £62.95 – oops! Maybe not getting better at that whole reflex thing after all! But I did well to be fair, I got:


A chunky gold necklace – £5.99

A set of 5 midi rings – £3.99

A really cool chunky lion head gold bracelet – £6.99

A dark green blouse – £17.99

AND some cute lil’ tan ankle boots – £27.99 , which look pretty good quality me thinks?!

The H&M and New Look mash up…