Wednesday Wishlist – On a Friday!

I know I know, I’ve been rubbish, to make it up to you I have put together this lush list of candles that I’m thinking about forgoing food for…

Candles1. The White Company Geranium Candle £26.00 I love the white on white design here!

2. Amara Jonathan Adler Peace Studded Candle £125.00 – Wow oh WOW! I need this in my life, tacky – oh yeh, but so cool! But at that price, again wow oh WOW!!

3. H&M Candle Collection £3.99 – A fab range in lots of colours at a great price!

4. Diptique £40.00 I still can’t believe I haven’t bought one of these coveted babies yet, however, I can’t decide if the scents are too strong for me, I also can’t decide which one I like best!

5. Jo Malone Grapefruit Candle £39.00 – Another one that thus far has escaped my grasp, although admittedly I don’t think I have ever even sniffed one ; o GASP!

6. Marks and Spencer Large Coconut Candle £12.00 – Coconut, enough said – yummy!

Too pricey? Primark have some gorgeous Vanilla and Coconut ones which I’ve been loving recently – so  much so that I’ve picked up the glass jar one, two pillar ones, the tea lights, and the diffuser! They just smell so yummy, and are actually the most scented candles – without being headachey – that I have ever come across, I will definitely be stocking up on these bad boys! And at £2 a pop – complete bargain!!

What are your fave scents and brands of candles?


Leopard Spots, and Gold, and Feathers, OH MY!

Every year, without fail, I say to myself that I will be organised, and start Christmas shopping early, which would help me in so many ways;

1) I wouldn’t have the stress of trying to find presents at the last minute, ultimately resulting in having to give pressies that I’m not 100% happy about.

2) No crazy “MOVE OUTTA’ MY WAY” experiences with Saturday shoppers!

3) I would dodge the December poordom that Christmas always brings!

Plus so many more!

And every year, it gets to two weeks or less before Christmas and I’m running around doing all of the above, having missed the last delivery date for online shopping.

But this year, low and behold, I actually did it! I bought my first Christmas present in October, OCTOBER!! Granted this was because I bought a make-up birthday present (ya know, that something little extra), and it was on offer – two for £10, and I thought “I know” I’ll get this for Tallulah* (Names have been changed – you never know who’s reading!), and presto, my first Christmas present was sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe.

Then came November, and I continued to find things for the parentals, sis, nieces, etc. and I started to build up such a mound that it actually started to get difficult to reach some of my clothes!

It got to the two-weeks-before-Christmas mark and I realised that I had in fact finished. Not only that but I had wrapped everything too. And when I say wrapped, I mean wrapped, check out these lil’ beauties…

Leopard Print Wrapping Paper

I think I’ve outdone myself! This amazing wrapping paper was designed by Biba for House of Fraser.

I think it’s obvious by now that I LOVE leopard print, and I had in mind that I wanted some sort of leopard wrapping paper. When I found this, on sale for £2.50 for a 3 metre roll, I was so excited, it was exactly what I wanted! I literally love it! And I will be policing everyone who opens a present of mine to insist they don’t rip it! Only joking, maybe : s

Initially my plan was to mix this paper with my usual brown craft paper plus ribbon. But the three rolls of the leopard paper that I bought stretched so far that I didn’t need to. Instead I got a couple of different black ribbons and, as I knew I didn’t want everything to look the same I “parcelled” some up with the ribbon as well as made some bows. Then I found this gorgeous pink ribbon and thought that this would look fab in the mix, this pressie is one of my Mama’s so it looks great sitting amongst her other ones. I also found some leftover black feathers and placed them on some of the smaller pressies. I think this little touch has given the overall effect of my wrapping a very 1920’s Art Deco vibe to it, no?


Last year I wasn’t overly happy with the presents I gave, but this year I’m SO excited for Christmas, simply because I really feel that I got everyone something they’ll love, this is expecially so for my sister’s present, I got her’s in November and literally cannot wait to see her reaction!

I think the fact that I’m so happy with all the gifts I’ve bought and the reason I was so organised this year is definitely down to the fact that I had a little brain-wave in early November regarding some “themed” pressies for everyone, this made it exciting to look for everyone’s presents, and getting a grip on it early also meant that I could shop around for best prices. Now I can’t give away the theme yet, again there are spies everywhere ; ) so you’ll have to tune in after Christmas to find out what it is.

How are you getting on with Christmas shopping? And do you have any innovative wrapping ideas? Maybe next year I could make mine have some sixties vibes man!?


Beauty Shop Wish List…

As per my post earlier here are the items I am coveting from the Debenhams 10% off beauty range…

Beauty Shop Wish list


1 Prime Focus Prep and Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF 35 in Adjust – WAS £23 NOW £20.70

2 Prep and Prime Highlighter in Light Boost – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

The above two items I feel would help me on my way to the dewy glow I lust after, as mentioned here!

3 Eye Kohl in Minted – WAS £14 NOW £12.60

4 Brush Cleanser – WAS £10 NOW £9

I noticed a foundation brush this morning before leaving for work that is in dire need of a clean! Usually I just use shampoo, but maybe I should use a specific cleanser? What are your thoughts on this? Luckily I have some time on this one as I don’t often use a brush for foundation, I prefer to use my beauty blender, or my fingers!

5 Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow in Exquisite Ego – WAS £19  NOW £17.10

6 Powder Blush in Format OR Raizin – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

You can never have enough MAC blushers!


7 Crayon Eyeliner Waterproof Long Wear in Trinidad Black – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

I spotted this in a You Tube video buy Charlotte Tilbury, who was demonstrating a copper smoky eye tutorial on THE Laura Bailey (she’s so prwwweeetttyyy!) She uses some great products, I did have a look for some on Debenhams, but alas no such luck! But check out the video here


8 Meteorites Pearls Light Diffusing Primer – WAS£43 NOW£37.80

This was another You Tube video spot, but this time by the gorge Millie Mackintosh for This tutorial showed how to achieve glowing skin, which is also where I discovered the AMAZING Decleor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Expert Mask, mentioned here, watch the video below, and you can even shop the look to get everything you need!

Bobbi Brown

9 Rose Shimmer Brick Compact – WAS £32 NOW£28

10 Shimmer Blush in Flame – WAS £32 NOW £28

11 Sparkle Eye Shadow in Silver Moon – WAS £20 NOW£18

12 Navy and Nude Eye Palette – WAS £48 NOW £43.20

Ridiculously I don’t actually have ANY  Bobbi Brown make up. I remember growing up and knowing that this was the brand that you used to get a “natural – no make-up” look, then I got a bit older and it seemed that this was the go-to brand for wedding make-up. But looking at these items I think they’re gorgeous for any occasion! I WANT!

So far I’ve been really good and haven’t actually bought anything, but it is only just lunch time! I know I can’t get all of this, we’re talking nearly £300 worth of make-up and I simply can’t justify that all in one day, especially so close to Christmas, can I?

Maybe I’ll wait and see what Santa brings me and then hit up the January sales?? BUT I NEED IT NOW?!

Let me know (please – I can shop vicariously through you) if you’ve given in and bought something, ANYTHING!


Frends with Benefits an Unexpected Christmas Wish …

Now now, reign in that filthy mind!

I’m obviously talking about the new Frends Headphones range “Frends with Benefits” in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be lusting after ANY pair of these little beauts, not only because they are soooo gorgeous, BUT because normal headphones (e.g iphone standard ones) really hurt my poor lil’ ears!

I didn’t think headphones could look so comfy, or get any prettier than the Frends Oil Slick, or Layla, and Taylor (bigger than the Layla) Rose Gold versions, which are available at Avenue 32.

Frends Oil Slick

Rose Gold

But no, enter these intensely beautiful babies…

Frends with Benefits

The Frends with Benefits range in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff, are, at the moment, only available in America via or for pre-order at Nordstrom.

Now for the Frends with Benefits range you must own the Taylor frame (I am unsure as to whether it has to be the gold frame), you can then simply swap the caps to suit your mood!
Frends with Benefits Caps
Frends with Benefits
Now they are not, by any stretch of the imagination cheap: Layla – £130, Taylor – £170, Oil Slick £140 all Avenue 32, and Friends with Benefits $249.95, which works out around £152 at Apple, Nordstrom’s are coming in at £162, BUT this is the only place (at the moment) that I can find the different caps, which are £32.39 a pair.
But I think the beauty of all of these may just be worth the cost?!
Head over to Refinery 29 for your chance to win your very own pair of the Frends With Benefits headphones. I’ve already entered!
Over on Rebecca’s Blog it’s said that “Rebecca used her favorite aquamarine embossed leather to create headphone caps to match the ultra-popular hologram accessories from her fall collection. Your #ootd will never be the same again.”
What are your thoughts on these? I still can’t decide which is my favourite?

Photos are taken from  Avenue 32, Nordstrom, and Refinery 29.

River Island Haul…

Hi guys, so sorry this didn’t make it up yesterday, I had a very lazy day making my way through to the second series of Breaking Bad, when I finally got up enough energy to write up this post, then it all disappeared : ( unfortunately I hadn’t mustered up enough said-energy to do it again. Hopefully, the eye-candy (the clothes not me ; p) will make up for it!

As you can imagine I am now officially poor and counting down the days until payday! I popped into River Island on my half an hour lunch break on Friday and walked into the staff literally just putting out some new sale items, well that’s what I assume anyways, as there was loadsa’ stuff, in loadsa’ sizes! My poor credit card got a bashing, and I walked out with this lot…

20131021-115431 am.jpg20131021-115419 am.jpg20131021-115547 am.jpg20131021-115510 am.jpg

I was very naughty with these four as they were all full price, at approx £30 each. The black playsuit is actually velvet, I thought this would be lush with some tights and ankle boots? The last one was in fact £35 and I actually ended up taking this back, although it’s very pretty I just wasn’t convinced. I also felt like it may be one of those tops that you see everyone in on a night out, and that would just be soooo annoying!

20131021-115458 am.jpg20131021-115559 am.jpg20131021-115532 am.jpg20131021-115520 am.jpg

These four were all in the sale, with the first two being £10 each, and the third and fourth were £15 each. Although I’m loving the last one (one of my fave buys) I’m not a crop top kinda gal, so need to find the perfect high-waited trousers/shorts/skirt to go with, at the moment I’m thinking my disco pants, and some serious suck-me-in underwear!

20131021-115614 am.jpg20131021-115626 am.jpg

With the weather being as pants as it has been I couldn’t leave the shop without some Winter-warmers! Again naughty non-sale-buys, the jumper was £35 and the coat was £70 and my favourite purchase, I’ve worn it twice this weekend already!

Just like any outfit, no shopping trip is complete without some accessories, insert gorgeous bag at £25 and some finger-tip rings at £3. Is it just me that can’t seem to get on with these rings? They’re either too  big or too small, but I love them so just have to get on with the circulation-cutting-off issues!

20131021-115740 am.jpg

Quite a successful shopping trip don’t ya think?! And not a single leopard print item in sight – progress!!

Let me know what you think?


Naked Beauty…

No this is not a look good naked post… I finally got myself the Urban Decay Naked palette! I thought I should start at the beginning so picked the original palette over the second one. And have to say – I’m in love!!

The colours are gorgeous, and feel like velvet – this was even more noticeable when doing these swatches for you lovely folk…

Photo 17-10-2013 05 43 00 pm

Literally like stroking a luxurious piece of velvet!

I had a REALLY quick play with a couple if shades…

Photo 17-10-2013 07 09 48 pm

On the left is naked and buck, and on the right is toasted, with a touch if half baked and sin.

The only shade I’m not 100% sure about is creep (second from right), as it doesn’t seem to come out as dark as it looks. However, I think this’ll be a good one to build up for a dramatic look, and I love the shimmer!

Photo 17-10-2013 05 43 45 pm

I also got this eyeshadow with my purchase which is handy, I haven’t really had the chance to put this to the test yet and see if it makes a difference at the end of the night, but I will let y’all know!

Photo 17-10-2013 06 09 26 pm

Honestly I don’t know how’ve lasted so long without this lil’ beaut!!

Go get one! I got mine from House of Fraser for £36, and got 10% off – there’s always a voucher for HOF floating about somewhere!!

20131017-084247 pm.jpg

Twitter finds…

Twitter is like a catalogue for unique and gorgeous products! I seem to find a new, brilliant, company every day at the moment. I’m literally finding it so hard not to spend bucket loads of money every day on each of these companies.

Oh My Love is one of those companies, and one that I did not succeed against in terms of keeping my money in my bank!


I found Oh My Love  because it popped up on feed and I instantly spotted this GORGEOUS leopard print playsuit, as you are probably starting to realise I am a leopard print magpie. I instantly browsed through their website and realised that every piece is just as beautiful, and really fairly priced. Which meant I obviously ended up having seven items in my basket, in all of ten minutes, four of which are leopard print and include the playsuit above! I defy you to check this website out and not buy anything!

Two companies that I have, as yet, been able to restrain myself on are Anarchy Street and Bauble Bar, this is simply because every time I go on each site I end up looking at a shopping basket of £100+, but bearing in mind that it’s pay day tomorrow I know I’m going to have to make a some tough cuts just so I can get some of this lush eye candy on my wrists, fingers and neck!

Anarchy Street – I LOVE their Hamsa hand collection – they did have a bracelet but I can’t seem to find it now : ( I’m sure a necklace and ring of the same style will make up for it!!


Bauble Bar – this site has so many stunning pieces that I haven’t even been able to look through everything yet, but their essentials section is a great place to start.Twitter-Finds-Bauble-Bar

I’m definitely going to be spending some serious money soon! Help me decide which pieces to pick…


Onesie Wonders…

Hey chickens!

Behold my first Next Blogger Network post (see my lil’ badge down on the right). Please be aware I do not like the thought of advertising companies or products that I would not personally use or vouch for. But who doesn’t like Next? Home section anyone?!?! Yum!

Because of this I have been cautious in choosing my first link, but when I saw this topic on the top of the Next page I actually gasped – Onesies!! Now this gasp wasn’t because I am a onesie fanatic, not at all in fact – I do not (as of yet) own one : ( “sob”! Not because I do not like them, they look super comfy, but because I begrudge paying some of the prices asked for them, those ones that are £100+?? I think not!

Now if there was a gold/leopard print/lace one that popped up, I may waiver the cost a little, but as of yet no such luck! UNTIL, and this is where the gasp comes in, I saw a leopard print one in Next – low and behold!

Therefore I thought this topic perfect as my introduction to the Next Blogger Network.

Now, this lil’ cutie is not your typical, sometimes tacky leopard print (a potential shame), but instead a gorgeously-melt-into fleecy material, in a soft minky grey colour, and it looks and feels like a lil’ bit of sleepy heaven!


onesie detail

Oneisie me

And in the interest of being thorough – check out that last photo! Of course I had to try in on for you, it really really is as comfy and soft as it looks.

It even comes in a variety of sizes – Petite, Regular, and Tall – AND you can get these sizes in a longer version – purrrrfect (see what I did there?). This is a small, and I think I would stick with this size but go for the longer length, or possibly go for a medium, literally just so there was room for a bit of give and take in the wash. It also has a cute lil’ hood with ears for those extra snuggly moments! I did take a photo, but honestly you don’t want to see it!

At £32.00 it’s more than I would usually spend on nightwear, but to me this looks like something I would compeletly live in! It took me some restraint to walk out of the shop without it today, but maybe to justify it I could whack it on the Christmas list? hmmm can I wait that long?! How many days until pay day??

What do you think about Onesies? Come on you can tell me!! Why not send me in some pics to share a ‘Onesie Wonderland‘, I am on fire today, right her on Say it with Lace!!


Date Night…

Hey kids,

so tonight I have a date (scared face), I met a guy at my friends engagement party last Saturday, actually it was in the bar after the engagement party, just to make it sound even more desperate, he he! And we got on, after much flirting he took my number and asked if I was free the following weekend, obviously I said yes. He text me a couple of times before confirming our date; Friday 20th September, 8pm, Putney – just to make it even more scarier. I’ve never been to Putney, pathetic I know from a 27 year singleton!

So WHAT TO WEAR?? (another scared face.)

Tuesday lunchtime I popped into H&M and had a browse (I’m getting so much better at disabling the “buy everything straight away and be poor for the rest of the month” reflex) and came across a cute jumper (I’ve been looking into differing jumpers considering the weather changed overnight from boiling hot to monsoon and freezindom) but nothing was really catching my eye at the amounts they were being sold for. However, the one in Hennies was £9.99 and the fluffy type that’s everywhere at the moment, and which I hoped would look cute but casu (casual), sold! Right next to it was a lovely cream, sleevless blouse with gold studs around the collar (I have one in Khaki) also at £9.99, not for the date but either for another night or even work! So to the till and just to make it all even better the store was having some secret promotion, which took off £5 = £15 for a jumper and a blouse – brilliant!


BUT then today, D-day, I went into New Look to look for a big chunky necklace to go over my jumper and ended up spending £62.95 – oops! Maybe not getting better at that whole reflex thing after all! But I did well to be fair, I got:


A chunky gold necklace – £5.99

A set of 5 midi rings – £3.99

A really cool chunky lion head gold bracelet – £6.99

A dark green blouse – £17.99

AND some cute lil’ tan ankle boots – £27.99 , which look pretty good quality me thinks?!

The H&M and New Look mash up…


Shelfs up…

So Saturday ended up being a pretty productive day. I ended up putting my beaut of a shelf up (the one from France) put up a photo ledge, sorted the issue I was having with the legs on my desk, put up a little stationery pot/bits and bobs holder, and put up a couple more photos on my photo wall. I’m feeling really happy with how everything is looking at the moment.

I roped in my step-dad to help me with this, as the wall I had chosen, typically, is really hard to drill into, and because of this we obviously made a huge mistake and had to drill the holes twice. Basically I was so distracted by the horizontal line-up – do I go in the middle of the door and the shelf, or in the middle of the door and the chest of drawers? I decided, with the help of my mum to put the shelf up centrally between the shelf and the door, and wanted it to be in line with the shelf (the bottom one) because of this. But that last bit I completely forgot about, I was so focused on holding the shelf in the middle that I didn’t take any notice of lining it up with the shelf. So when I stepped back to admire my handy-work, 1) the TV was far too high, 2) the shelf looked way too far over to the left, AND 3) the shelf was about 5 inches above the bottom shelf, so all in all in looked so terrible. So we took everything down and the wall looked like this… Oops…

This time because the shelf had to go quite a bit further down we had to centralise it between the door and the chest of drawers, but it looks soooo much better.

I attempted to fill one hole, it actually looks better in person, and I still have to sand it, when I was doing this however, I hadn’t plugged my TV cables back in and this little sucker was hiding behind it. Need to get on that! And I also need to sort out those nasty cables – I have a cable tidy but I’m contemplating spraying it gold – do you think it’ll work? Serious question!!

The Photo ledge

New Additions to my Photo Wall

20130916-081954 PM.jpg


This ‘Love’ sign cost me £2.50 because apparently it’s damaged. Shabby Chic, no?

20130916-082000 PM.jpg

And some new eye candy!! I’ve got a thing about flamingos at the moment!

And you know I love a Buddha!

20130916-082035 PM.jpg

Desk post to come soon ;)