My over and overs…

There may be nothing new or unique about this blog post, however, realistically no two will ever be the same. You buy, wear, showcase what you like, what you love, what you need, and ultimately what works for you.

So on that note the following are my beauty must haves (with a sneaky lil’ fashion obvs snuck in there for good measure)…

My Top Beauty Products

  1. Benefit They’re Real Mascara – I received this as a sample in one of my Birchbox’s – twice actually, and then went out and bought the full size version twice also. This one just seems to work for me. Usually I can’t stand the plastic wands, and when I went to try out the sample I wasn’t expecting much, but it lengthens and holds my lashes curl perfectly.
  2. Clinique Liquid Eyeliner – you may remember this post, where I described all the problems I faced with numerous liquid eye liners. And ended up going back to the clinique one that I’d been using for years, one that I’d had to buy at the airport because they didn’t have a MAC stand. It simply just stays put, all day! What more can you ask for!?
  3. Decleor Face Mask – I also mentioned this one in another post, here. I saw Millie Macintosh use it in a video, bought it instantly and haven’t looked back. The perfect surge of moisture for dry skin!
  4. H&M Leggings – just a staple! £6.99 and you can’t see through them – perfect! Not Pictured.
  5. Body Shop Hand Cream or Soap and Glory Hand Cream – these are the only hand creams I’ve used where you can actually start to see an improvement in the condition of your skin. Not just a quick fix!
  6. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream – everyone needs this in their lives! No matter where on your body, or how how dry your skin is, this little miracle will sort it out! First time users may think it looks, feels and smells quite odd, but after a while you’ll love it! Honestly it’s as simple as that!
  7. Mavala Cuticle Oil – I’ve always suffered terribly with dry and flaky cuticles – sexy! I new I needed something that would remove the excess and moisturise them at the same time. Ask your mum and she’ll tell you that Mavala is the best brand of nail polish she used to use, and she’s right! This oil is so fab and makes even the scruffiest of nail beds look neat and tidy.
  8. Beauty Blender – I bought the models own one initially and it’s THE perfect tool for blending concealer, without removing it. Birchbox then came up trumps in their last beauty box at exactly the same I was about to repurchase – score!
  9. Benefit Hoola Bronzer – you know the answer to this one, the most perfect, non-shimmery, colour to get the best cheekbones ever! I forgot to include this in my photo – I got it ready and everything – sad face!
  10. Mac Lipstick – Blankety – THE most gorgeous nude ever! Not too shiny, not too matte, not too dark, not too light. Just right!
  11. Perfumes – Alien by Thierry Mulger and Armani Mania by, well Armani – go smell them and you’ll understand! Just so yummy, and lasts ages, making sure I smell awesome all day/night long!
  12. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter – smells good enough to eat, and moisturises pretty darn good too! I get left with a sheen that makes me look all glowy, but it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky – yes please!

Finally something that may not be an item that I buy over and over, a decent pair should last you a while, but I would not, could not ever be without Eyelash Curlers – they are A MUST!

What couldn’t you live without? Do you have anything that you would run to the shops for as soon as you realise that you’ve just used the last drop?


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