Put your (Tommy) guns away…

So who got the Tommy Guns shampoo in their Birchbox box?

I did (nah nah nah nah nah)! And I’m pretty smitten, it feels like you’re really washing your hair, like really really washing it! So obviously I had to get the conditioner too. I have a thing about using matching shampoo and conditioner.
And I had some Asos loyalty points (fab), so ordered the conditioner in the same scent – pomegranate, orange flower and hemp. Why these ingredients, well thesis their explanation…

active ingredients include hemp which will smooth and moisturise, giving natural suppleness to the hair. Pomegranate to help protect the hair from the harsh environment. Orange flower to leave the hair enhanced with natural highlights.

They work a treat, are suitable for all hair types, smell scrummy and make hair feel clean and soft. The price is another perk, at £5.50 each, you can’t go wrong.

I also love the packaging – square, pretty, and simple yet smart.

Now I’m not saying they’re going to replace my beloved redken, or stop me from exploring other brands. But for now it’s quite nice using something different.

Anyone watch Cougar Town? My sister and I still laugh about the “put your guns away” episode!

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