March to April, and nearly May…

So it’s been a whole four weeks (nearly five – I keep forgetting what day it is this week) since I last posted, and for a couple of weeks before that I think it was only one a week. Honestly I have just been ridiculously crazy at work, think overtime, early mornings, not sitting down all day, and falling asleep at 6pm one Saturday night! Everything started to slow down at the beginning of last week. However, I just needed to chill out and think about what trashy tv programme I was going to watch and that was about it. That’s all my brain power could muster.

So I thought I’d share a flashback of what I’ve been up to when not chained to my desk for the entire day, and then some…

A Besties Baby Shower

One of my eldest friends has just a her gorgeous baby boy! We’ve been friends since we were four years old, and she was tasked with looking after me on my first day of school. Needless to say I’m so happy for her, her fiancée and the new family they’ve made!

So obviously we had to celebrate, at the end of March we did just this by attending a fun-filled baby shower, where there were games, food, and pressies aplenty.

Embarrassingly I didn’t finish my gift in time, so took it along and then had ask for it back. Oh the shame! My reasoning/excuse was that this is one of the first pregnancies I have been close to where the sex was a secret, I seriously struggled with the unisex concept. But here it is all nice and hole-free. My friend had lots of Winnie-the-Pooh themed baby bits, and her surname is Cherry so this helped a little when picking some of the fabric.


My Birthday

One of my friends and I celebrate our birthdays within a week of one another, so this year we decided to celebrate together with a leopardy birthday bash. Meaning everyone had to wear leopard print.

My initial thought was that I wanted to wear a leopard print catsuit, which I found on Boohoo in the sale for £15. The problem was that a) it was a little high-necked – I do not suit high-necks AT ALL, and b) the dress code wasn’t dress as a leopard, but wear leopard attire. So I felt that I would look a little, let’s say daft. So instead I opted for my leopard print disco pants, also from Boohoo, and a gold sequinned top.


I also got my gold MAC liquid eyeliner out and attempted some temporary leopard print tattoos – which you can just see in the picture above.

A Besties Hen Do

The week after my birthday it was one of the besties hen dos in Bristol. We all set off at 10am, which meant I didn’t have to wait for ages for the fun to start (I hate that), and met at some gorgeous tea rooms, called Cox and Baloney for sandwiches, scones, and cocktails in teapots.

After we checked into the Mercure hotel to get ready – the theme was bright lips and lashes and some of the lashes were pretty out there, here was the look I went for…

Lips and Lashes

Then it was time for dinner followed by lots more cocktails, we headed out for some yummy tapas!


Then we danced the night away at Java, where we were VIP’s (obviously)!

Slowly but surely the 20 strong group whittled down to only three of us, and oh how I regretted that at breakfast the next morning, not as much as the bride-to-be however!


The long weekend was hugely anticipated, for around two weeks before, amongst the mayhem that was work, and I was counting down to some serious downtime. My aim was to rest after the previous week’s hen antics, and try to be productive – read: wake up without a hangover, at a reasonable hour, blitz my room, and try and get as many bits as possible onto ebay/my blog sale.

As well as fit in some Easter egg hunt fun, and meet my new crush Beau (my friends new gorgeous bubba).

My plan went well until Saturday night, where after two nights of staying in and going to bed early-ish (after pottering about the house all day), and already dodging invitations to go out on both Thursday and Friday nights, meant I was starting to get cabin fever. A friend asked if I wanted to go for a drink by the river, which turned into 2-4-1 cocktails, and a wristband for free entry to an extremely cheesy club. Followed by a chicken burger at three in the morning, and a lay-in until midday. Oops, fail!

From then on the productivity went out of the window, and far too soon I’m sitting back at my desk at work… and the long weekend is history.

So on that note I’d like to say I’M BACK! I’ve missed you!


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