Not So Valentine Flowers…

Forget the hearts, roses and chocolates, I want daisies!

dc42ae706a1ed6ff00dfd73086b20d04ointerestIf you haven’t yet noticed (you will from now on) daisies are absolutely everywhere!

Every main fashion brand has some sort of attire or accessory that bands this lil’ flower, (how can some people think they’re weeds?!) I defy you to go into a main store and not find something with a daisy/daisy print on!

Here are some examples of this trend…

Dress Forever 21 £12.75, Shorts Topshop £30, Earrings River Island £2 , Cami New Look £12.99, Jumper Topshop £38, Corset Dress Topshop £34, Compact Mirror Forever 21 £3.15, Bikini Motel Rocks £39, Collared Dress Bank £25, Maxi Dress Motel Rocks £48, Dungarees ASOS £18, Leggings New Look £12.99, Play Suit Oh My Love £35, Play Suit Motel Rocks £45.

Not sure if you could don full on flower power, why not try your hand (literally) at some nail art…


What are your thoughts on this trend? Not to brag but I was wearing this last June… : )



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