Featured Post: Snakeskin Leather Phone Case

Nearly two weeks ago I was asked if I would like to review a phone case by designer A.P.C, sold at Avenue 32. As you may be aware I am partial to the odd leopard print accessory, read: obsessed with anything leopard print, and so was hesitant to take off my much-loved, but ridiculously tacky phone case.


However, when I was sent the link to these beautiful snakeskin (effect) 100% leather cases, I couldn’t resist.


A.P.C. is known for its effortless appeal, however the process is anything but. Each aspect of the collection is designed in-house with rigorous attention to detail. None of the fabrics are bought in; instead each is designed exclusively for A.P.C. The team agonise over the choice of button, the length of a skirt or other hidden subtleties. Often more time is spent stripping down a garment to its bare basics to avoid over designing. Expect sweaters, coats, bags, and leather goods all made with A.P.C.’s discreet sense of luxury.

This sense of luxury and attention to detail is obvious through both the high-standard and superior quality of the case. Everything about it screams sumptuousness – it’s SO soft!


Offered in both Caramel, and Beige I chose this rich caramel one, and it’s literally a mirror image of the picture shown on the website. A plus point for Avenue 32!

If you haven’t heard of Avenue 32, go and check it out! Now! They stock some really amazing brands, and the shoes, oh my goodness the shoes!

If you have heard of them, well then give yourself a pat on the back, as they have only been around for a couple of years (2011), but have swiftly become the online luxury shopping neighbourhood” offering clothing, shoes and accessories, and was even voted the second best online retailer by UK Vogue!

Now in terms of the case, although absolutely gorgeous, and of an impeccable standard, the design for me wasn’t very practical. I am always dropping my phone, and chanting “please don’t be smashed, please don’t be smashed” on the way down to picking it up. So having to constantly have my phone unprotected when in use seriously tested my nerves. However, maybe this is the training I need to not be such a clutz?

It really is a beautiful and certainly luxurious case, with a sophisticated, yet fun design. Simple and elegant, but definitely not boring, or plain!

As for value for money, it’s now half price selling at £30. Again for the quality and obvious work that’s gone into this product it is worth the money, even at the original price. Initially I think I would be reluctant to pay this price (my current one was £15 reduced to £2 (bargain)) and would have to “talk” myself into buying it, but it’s the sort of item that would be lovely to receive as gift!

One more thing that I wasn’t too fond of was the monogrammed initials of the designer printed on the case, I just felt that this should be my initials, which would be an amazing touch! Yet the initials were only on one side so that wasn’t really an issue.

I’m definitely not going to go straight back to my bling-tastic case, and WILL try and turn myself into a sophis, non-phone-dropping, classy chic, with my 100% leather snakeskin phone outfit!





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