Kitchen Chaos…

This weekend saw me whipping up a flour storm in the kitchen…

I’m a bit ahead of my self in terms of what I made, but who cares?! It was all yummy, or at least I thought so!

First up I went to bed Friday night in the mood for pancakes : o naughty! So obviously I woke up and just had to make some…

Pancakes are soooo easy to make, and with only 3 simple ingredients any one can do it!

All you need is 300ml Milk, 2 x Eggs, and 100g Flour.


Then it’s simply a matter of pouring in some mixture, this will depend on how thick you like em’, then cook your pancakes for a minute or two on each side – just DON’T forget to grease the pan : o (with either unsalted butter or vegetable oil).

Easy Peasy, Lemon (; p) Squeezy…

Then just choose your toppings, I love golden syrup on pancakes so couldn’t help drizzling it all over, but to add a little bit of goodness I also added half a chopped banana. I had two, which I don’t think is too piggy?


Then Sunday found me making ice lollies : ) Seriously roll on Summer!

These were actually for my step dad – I’m too much of a wimp to be eating something that cold with the horrendous weather we’re having at the moment!

Basically my step-dad has a penchant for lollies, he eats them all year round. However, this is his only treat as he has diabetes. So for Christmas I thought I’d be clever and get him some lolly moulds so he could make some fruity, healthy ones. Which obviously meant that I would make them for him.

I used my Philips Juicer to make the first batch, which were made up of orange, carrots, and apples – he wasn’t too keen, and my Mama’s opinion – “they taste like cardboard”, ok then! But I had the leftover as a juice and thought it was delish!



Next, after he specifically asked for mixed berries, I blitz up some frozen blueberries, raspberries… which came out of the juicer looking like a gorgeously coloured ice cream. But once it was all frozen and lolly-shaped he said that it didn’t taste of much. GAH this is one tricky customer…

The last batch consisted of some more mixed berries and a blitzed up banana, I used my hand blender for this as you can’t juice bananas. Now he hasn’t yet tried this one, but again there was a lot leftover, so I also had this as a juice and it was soooo good! I also think it will have a better texture as a lolly as it has a creamy consistency. I’ll keep you updated with his reaction.



Do you know of any juicing or healthy lolly recipes? I’d love to hear them. I really want to get into juicing as stated in my “Sorting my Life out” post.


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