Leopard Spots, and Gold, and Feathers, OH MY!

Every year, without fail, I say to myself that I will be organised, and start Christmas shopping early, which would help me in so many ways;

1) I wouldn’t have the stress of trying to find presents at the last minute, ultimately resulting in having to give pressies that I’m not 100% happy about.

2) No crazy “MOVE OUTTA’ MY WAY” experiences with Saturday shoppers!

3) I would dodge the December poordom that Christmas always brings!

Plus so many more!

And every year, it gets to two weeks or less before Christmas and I’m running around doing all of the above, having missed the last delivery date for online shopping.

But this year, low and behold, I actually did it! I bought my first Christmas present in October, OCTOBER!! Granted this was because I bought a make-up birthday present (ya know, that something little extra), and it was on offer – two for £10, and I thought “I know” I’ll get this for Tallulah* (Names have been changed – you never know who’s reading!), and presto, my first Christmas present was sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe.

Then came November, and I continued to find things for the parentals, sis, nieces, etc. and I started to build up such a mound that it actually started to get difficult to reach some of my clothes!

It got to the two-weeks-before-Christmas mark and I realised that I had in fact finished. Not only that but I had wrapped everything too. And when I say wrapped, I mean wrapped, check out these lil’ beauties…

Leopard Print Wrapping Paper

I think I’ve outdone myself! This amazing wrapping paper was designed by Biba for House of Fraser.

I think it’s obvious by now that I LOVE leopard print, and I had in mind that I wanted some sort of leopard wrapping paper. When I found this, on sale for £2.50 for a 3 metre roll, I was so excited, it was exactly what I wanted! I literally love it! And I will be policing everyone who opens a present of mine to insist they don’t rip it! Only joking, maybe : s

Initially my plan was to mix this paper with my usual brown craft paper plus ribbon. But the three rolls of the leopard paper that I bought stretched so far that I didn’t need to. Instead I got a couple of different black ribbons and, as I knew I didn’t want everything to look the same I “parcelled” some up with the ribbon as well as made some bows. Then I found this gorgeous pink ribbon and thought that this would look fab in the mix, this pressie is one of my Mama’s so it looks great sitting amongst her other ones. I also found some leftover black feathers and placed them on some of the smaller pressies. I think this little touch has given the overall effect of my wrapping a very 1920’s Art Deco vibe to it, no?


Last year I wasn’t overly happy with the presents I gave, but this year I’m SO excited for Christmas, simply because I really feel that I got everyone something they’ll love, this is expecially so for my sister’s present, I got her’s in November and literally cannot wait to see her reaction!

I think the fact that I’m so happy with all the gifts I’ve bought and the reason I was so organised this year is definitely down to the fact that I had a little brain-wave in early November regarding some “themed” pressies for everyone, this made it exciting to look for everyone’s presents, and getting a grip on it early also meant that I could shop around for best prices. Now I can’t give away the theme yet, again there are spies everywhere ; ) so you’ll have to tune in after Christmas to find out what it is.

How are you getting on with Christmas shopping? And do you have any innovative wrapping ideas? Maybe next year I could make mine have some sixties vibes man!?


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