I got my first Christmas present! BUT don’t tell dad…

Now I was planning on posting this on  Saturday morning, but I’ve been poorly all weekend, and didn’t actually move from my bed, poor me! I won’t bore you with the (really unflattering) details, and instead will justget on with some more exciting news…

Last week I received a very exciting, and extremely anticipated parcel through the post.

I finally ordered myself a make-up brush wrap from EMJ Company, a LEOPARD PRINT one! I posted about these beauties here, and EMJ so very kindly offered me a 10% discount on my order.

It’s taken me ages to get my bum into gear on this, and in the end I actually asked my dad and step-mum for one for Christmas. However, because of the discount I said I would order it myself.

A few days later and it was on my doorstep, and I accidently opened it! BUT it wasn’t my fault! I completely blame EMJ on this one ; ) I’ve ordered so much recently, due to Christmas presents, and because this package had no branding on I completely didn’t realise what I was opening – oopsy.

So when I realised what it was I sneakily took a photo and “promptly” (after cooing and ahhing and trying to wrap it all back up neatly) gave it to my dad so he can wrap it and give it back to me for me Christmas!

photo 4

I was also so pleasantly surprised, as not only was my beautiful Leopardy make-up brush wrap a whole lot bigger and sturdier than I imagined, there was also an unexpected pressie for me!

photo 1

This gorgeous lip gloss roll, with a sweet lil’ note, all for lil’ old me (the wannabe cowgirl in me there – sorry).

I, sadly, do not own many lip glosses, I can’t stand it when my hair gets stuck to my lips. But I’ve found it holds my lipsticks just swell! Just one little detail – I’m so going to have to buy myself another lippy pronto – how annoying that I was one short (in its place one of about 4 of the lip glosses that I actually own)!

photo 5

Now this little gem is £14 and really is a great way to store all your lipsticks, as well as a handy way to move them whilst travelling, after all you never know whether it’s a red or nude day when away!!

I literally cannot thank the team at EMJ Company enough for this gift, it was so unexpected and really cheered up what’s not been the best of months!

Now just don’t tell my dad as he knows nothing about this one! : o

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