Hair Help…


I was trying on a cardi in Next today and I don’t know if it was the flourecsent lights in the changing rooms or if I generally just look pretty washed out today (or, SOB, all of the time) but I just didn’t like what I was seeing!

Basically I had my hair highlighted at the weekend, and I thought I loved it, but now I’m worried that the lighter it gets, the less it suits me. I’ve been in the process of getting lighter since April, from being purple, which faded to red and took ages to eventually go brown, so my hairdresser would kill me if she saw this!

This is me today, not in the horrific blue lighting of the changing rooms, but I thought you guys could give me some general feedback, BE KIND PLEASE…

Blonde Hair

Now this photo is exactly as I took it, I haven’t even attempted to edit the lighting! And please note that this is about an hour before I leave work, so I know I look a little “dishevelled”!!

I thought I would then share with you my last couple of years hair history, so that you could tell me what you think suits me best?

Hair History

I apologise for some of the shoddy iphone pics, as well as my crazy eyes in photo 8, I had awful devil eyes!

So what d’ya think?? should I stay blonde or go darker?


5 thoughts on “Hair Help…

  1. I think you really suit both blonde and brown but my favourite colour on you would be the darker hair when you are wearing sort of leopard print! but you are rocking the blonde as well! so its just what you prefer on yourself! xo

    • Aw thank you sweets! I loved it purple too, but it dried out my hair terribly! It also took me agggeeesss to get rid of the red tinge that I was left with when it faded. But who knows maybe I’ll go back : ) xx

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