Beauty Shop…

A bit of an impromptu post this morning. I was planning on giving you an update on my “Sorting my Life Out” journey, however, whilst in bed and trying to get up (a point that I will be adding to the aforementioned journey), I received an email update from Debenhams.

The title was in capitals, and rightly so, “Up to 30% OFF EVERY DEPARTMENT”. Now I have a very small Debenhams just round the corner from where I work, and they have had constant offers, discounts and sales on for the past three weeks or so. However, the beauty department was exempt from all of these offers, typical!

But not today my friends, it’s not the full 30%, but 10%, but hey it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (as my dad would say, ohhhh yes I did just quote my dad).

Now I’ve only scrolled to half way through page three, of which there are twelve, with 200 products on each – OH MY GOODNESS! And the reason I stopped was because I knew I had to share this with you asap!

I’m going to put together a wish list, and when I say wish list I mean it’s probably going to accidentally end up in my shopping basket and eventually to my eager hands!

But come back later to see if I had any type of restraint whatsoever and if not what I bought!



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