“Sorting My Life Out” – Beauty Routine…

As part of my new found motivation to “Sort my Life Out” I decided that I really should instil a ‘proper’ beauty routine!

Obviously I always take my make-up off before bed, sometimes : s and to be honest I never really have trouble with spots, BUT I do have ridiculously dry skin, and dark circles, no matter how much sleep  get!!

I always, always moisturise after having a shower, because I know that if I don’t I will literally have scales, especially on my legs, sexy huh! So I’m really good at this bit.

But when it comes to my face, not so much!!

I use Clarins Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion for Dry to Normal skin which I love, I don’t feel like there is anything completely amazing about it, I just get on with it well and it seems to work for me, although I would love it if they brought out a dry skin-specific range! Another reason why I like it is because I feel like when I use a separate cleanser and toner it makes me feel like I’m really cleaning my face and doing something good for it!? Just me?

Moisturisers have come and gone throughout my beauty-product-loving-life, and to be honest nothing has really made me think, or feel WOW! I’ve used Lancôme and Clinique, to Nivea and Boots own, with no major changes to my skin.

Which makes me think that my skin is craving more than just a moisturising cream!!

I’ve obviously heard about Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish product, and then saw that Superdrug do there own Hot Cloth Cleanser, so before splashing out I headed into Superdrug and picked up their version from their Vitamin E Skin Care range. It was 3 for 2 throughout the store so I also bought some Brightening Radiance Balm, from the Naturally Radiant Range, I think the third item was simply some cotton pads!

photo 2

I’m trying to use both of these products every day, the Brightening Radiance Balm in the morning before I apply my make-up, and the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser in the evening, usually in the shower so I don’t have to use up too much energy by introducing a completely separate step into my day.

As of yet I’m not too sure on the Brightening Balm, I’ve been using for about two weeks and it feels lovely applying this in the morning, but I can’t say it’s necessarily “brightening” my face. Whilst the Hot Cloth Cleanser I think is a great step to introduce into anyone’s beauty routine. It simply just takes off the dead and dull skin that’s built up by gently exfoliating with the muslin cloth that’s provided. And because it is so gentle it’s the perfect product/process to use every day if, like me, you suffer from dry skin. AND with my new Birchbox subscription I have in fact received Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish as part of their Christmas gift box, so watch this space for a comparison!

I’ve also decided to introduce a face mask once a week, ok I still need to get into the habit of doing this (and I’m thinking a hair mask at the same time would work) but I’m working on it and hoping that this will give an extra boost of hydration to my skin. Now face masks are not my speciality, and the main one I’ve used is Skinfood’s Mud Masque, which has always seemed good to me and just gave my skin a little oomph. I also received  couple of Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Masks in my Love Me Beauty box (I’m planning on doing a Love Me Beauty vs Birchbox post soon), and these are pretty good as well, it really is cooling and I can imagine would feel lovely in the Summer. I’ve also just received (another Love Me Beauty box product) the Le Soin Purifiant Absolution mask which I’m excited to try so I’ll keep y’all posted on that one!

Talking of masks, I watched a Millie Mackintosh YouTube video, which she filmed for Feel Unique, and she mentioned that she uses Decleor Hydra Floral Mask before doing her make-up, which is why she always has that gorgeous dewy glow! I knew I had to get this and I think it’s my new “Holy Grail” product. It comes out in a creamy texture, but as you warm it in your hands and on your face it turns oily and gives a fabulous sheen, whilst really moisturising your skin, which you can feel for hours, which for me is absolutely amazing! Watch the video here!

photo 4

A couple of other bits I’ve bought to make sure I’m giving my skin as much love as possible are Superdrug’s own Tea Tree Pore Strips, now as I mentioned I don’t really suffer from spots or blackheads but using these even once a month is going to prevent build up and hopefully allow my skin to glooowww.

I also bought Nivea Tinted Moisturising Cream, and Nivea Regenerating Night Cream. I know they’re probably not as good as some of the top brands, but as I mentioned earlier my skin needs more than just a top notch moisturiser, so I’m going to see how my skin reacts to introducing this beauty routine and if it works then I’ll invest in something a little more luxurious!


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