Christmas is over, booooo…

So it’s taken me a few days to well and truly get over the Christmas festivities! From lounging around in pj’s, scoffing my face, the thrill and excitement of my nieces staying over for a few days, and the impromptu nights out. I really did make the most of not having to go to work, and I have to admit I haven’t had the inclination to blog.

But I’m back, and without further ado here’s what I got for Christmas! I think I did rather well…

20131230-041359 pm.jpg

This year my pressies have been quite beauty orientated, I’ve been working on a spot for a dressing table (keep an eye out for that post!) so the No7 mirror, Muji storage drawers and the white make up caddy will all have a spot there, as will the MAC blush (Lavish Living) and lipstick (Milan Mode) I got.

20131230-044548 pm.jpg

20131230-044330 pm.jpg

I wanted a HD Brows palette and found that if I got the Latest in Beauty Glamour edition I could get this as well as some other lush products and save £5, and this box is still available!

I also got a couple of tops – a plaid shirt (I have a thing about shirts) and a fab top saying “what the fudge”.

20131230-045842 pm.jpg

My sister very kindly bought me some classic white converse, which I’m excited about!! Remember I said I couldn’t wait to give her her present, well here’s her reaction…

20131230-055352 pm.jpg

It’s exactly what I was hoping for. I bought her a pair of Carvela shoes from Kurt geiger, which she seemed happy with, I’m just hoping now that I can have my boots back from her!

All in all I had a great Christmas, and I cannot believe it’s over already!

What was your favourite xmas pressie?


Leopard Spots, and Gold, and Feathers, OH MY!

Every year, without fail, I say to myself that I will be organised, and start Christmas shopping early, which would help me in so many ways;

1) I wouldn’t have the stress of trying to find presents at the last minute, ultimately resulting in having to give pressies that I’m not 100% happy about.

2) No crazy “MOVE OUTTA’ MY WAY” experiences with Saturday shoppers!

3) I would dodge the December poordom that Christmas always brings!

Plus so many more!

And every year, it gets to two weeks or less before Christmas and I’m running around doing all of the above, having missed the last delivery date for online shopping.

But this year, low and behold, I actually did it! I bought my first Christmas present in October, OCTOBER!! Granted this was because I bought a make-up birthday present (ya know, that something little extra), and it was on offer – two for £10, and I thought “I know” I’ll get this for Tallulah* (Names have been changed – you never know who’s reading!), and presto, my first Christmas present was sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe.

Then came November, and I continued to find things for the parentals, sis, nieces, etc. and I started to build up such a mound that it actually started to get difficult to reach some of my clothes!

It got to the two-weeks-before-Christmas mark and I realised that I had in fact finished. Not only that but I had wrapped everything too. And when I say wrapped, I mean wrapped, check out these lil’ beauties…

Leopard Print Wrapping Paper

I think I’ve outdone myself! This amazing wrapping paper was designed by Biba for House of Fraser.

I think it’s obvious by now that I LOVE leopard print, and I had in mind that I wanted some sort of leopard wrapping paper. When I found this, on sale for £2.50 for a 3 metre roll, I was so excited, it was exactly what I wanted! I literally love it! And I will be policing everyone who opens a present of mine to insist they don’t rip it! Only joking, maybe : s

Initially my plan was to mix this paper with my usual brown craft paper plus ribbon. But the three rolls of the leopard paper that I bought stretched so far that I didn’t need to. Instead I got a couple of different black ribbons and, as I knew I didn’t want everything to look the same I “parcelled” some up with the ribbon as well as made some bows. Then I found this gorgeous pink ribbon and thought that this would look fab in the mix, this pressie is one of my Mama’s so it looks great sitting amongst her other ones. I also found some leftover black feathers and placed them on some of the smaller pressies. I think this little touch has given the overall effect of my wrapping a very 1920’s Art Deco vibe to it, no?


Last year I wasn’t overly happy with the presents I gave, but this year I’m SO excited for Christmas, simply because I really feel that I got everyone something they’ll love, this is expecially so for my sister’s present, I got her’s in November and literally cannot wait to see her reaction!

I think the fact that I’m so happy with all the gifts I’ve bought and the reason I was so organised this year is definitely down to the fact that I had a little brain-wave in early November regarding some “themed” pressies for everyone, this made it exciting to look for everyone’s presents, and getting a grip on it early also meant that I could shop around for best prices. Now I can’t give away the theme yet, again there are spies everywhere ; ) so you’ll have to tune in after Christmas to find out what it is.

How are you getting on with Christmas shopping? And do you have any innovative wrapping ideas? Maybe next year I could make mine have some sixties vibes man!?


I got my first Christmas present! BUT don’t tell dad…

Now I was planning on posting this on  Saturday morning, but I’ve been poorly all weekend, and didn’t actually move from my bed, poor me! I won’t bore you with the (really unflattering) details, and instead will justget on with some more exciting news…

Last week I received a very exciting, and extremely anticipated parcel through the post.

I finally ordered myself a make-up brush wrap from EMJ Company, a LEOPARD PRINT one! I posted about these beauties here, and EMJ so very kindly offered me a 10% discount on my order.

It’s taken me ages to get my bum into gear on this, and in the end I actually asked my dad and step-mum for one for Christmas. However, because of the discount I said I would order it myself.

A few days later and it was on my doorstep, and I accidently opened it! BUT it wasn’t my fault! I completely blame EMJ on this one ; ) I’ve ordered so much recently, due to Christmas presents, and because this package had no branding on I completely didn’t realise what I was opening – oopsy.

So when I realised what it was I sneakily took a photo and “promptly” (after cooing and ahhing and trying to wrap it all back up neatly) gave it to my dad so he can wrap it and give it back to me for me Christmas!

photo 4

I was also so pleasantly surprised, as not only was my beautiful Leopardy make-up brush wrap a whole lot bigger and sturdier than I imagined, there was also an unexpected pressie for me!

photo 1

This gorgeous lip gloss roll, with a sweet lil’ note, all for lil’ old me (the wannabe cowgirl in me there – sorry).

I, sadly, do not own many lip glosses, I can’t stand it when my hair gets stuck to my lips. But I’ve found it holds my lipsticks just swell! Just one little detail – I’m so going to have to buy myself another lippy pronto – how annoying that I was one short (in its place one of about 4 of the lip glosses that I actually own)!

photo 5

Now this little gem is £14 and really is a great way to store all your lipsticks, as well as a handy way to move them whilst travelling, after all you never know whether it’s a red or nude day when away!!

I literally cannot thank the team at EMJ Company enough for this gift, it was so unexpected and really cheered up what’s not been the best of months!

Now just don’t tell my dad as he knows nothing about this one! : o

Hair Help…


I was trying on a cardi in Next today and I don’t know if it was the flourecsent lights in the changing rooms or if I generally just look pretty washed out today (or, SOB, all of the time) but I just didn’t like what I was seeing!

Basically I had my hair highlighted at the weekend, and I thought I loved it, but now I’m worried that the lighter it gets, the less it suits me. I’ve been in the process of getting lighter since April, from being purple, which faded to red and took ages to eventually go brown, so my hairdresser would kill me if she saw this!

This is me today, not in the horrific blue lighting of the changing rooms, but I thought you guys could give me some general feedback, BE KIND PLEASE…

Blonde Hair

Now this photo is exactly as I took it, I haven’t even attempted to edit the lighting! And please note that this is about an hour before I leave work, so I know I look a little “dishevelled”!!

I thought I would then share with you my last couple of years hair history, so that you could tell me what you think suits me best?

Hair History

I apologise for some of the shoddy iphone pics, as well as my crazy eyes in photo 8, I had awful devil eyes!

So what d’ya think?? should I stay blonde or go darker?


Beauty Shop Wish List…

As per my post earlier here are the items I am coveting from the Debenhams 10% off beauty range…

Beauty Shop Wish list


1 Prime Focus Prep and Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF 35 in Adjust – WAS £23 NOW £20.70

2 Prep and Prime Highlighter in Light Boost – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

The above two items I feel would help me on my way to the dewy glow I lust after, as mentioned here!

3 Eye Kohl in Minted – WAS £14 NOW £12.60

4 Brush Cleanser – WAS £10 NOW £9

I noticed a foundation brush this morning before leaving for work that is in dire need of a clean! Usually I just use shampoo, but maybe I should use a specific cleanser? What are your thoughts on this? Luckily I have some time on this one as I don’t often use a brush for foundation, I prefer to use my beauty blender, or my fingers!

5 Divine Night Mineralize Eye Shadow in Exquisite Ego – WAS £19  NOW £17.10

6 Powder Blush in Format OR Raizin – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

You can never have enough MAC blushers!


7 Crayon Eyeliner Waterproof Long Wear in Trinidad Black – WAS £18 NOW £16.20

I spotted this in a You Tube video buy Charlotte Tilbury, who was demonstrating a copper smoky eye tutorial on THE Laura Bailey (she’s so prwwweeetttyyy!) She uses some great products, I did have a look for some on Debenhams, but alas no such luck! But check out the video here


8 Meteorites Pearls Light Diffusing Primer – WAS£43 NOW£37.80

This was another You Tube video spot, but this time by the gorge Millie Mackintosh for This tutorial showed how to achieve glowing skin, which is also where I discovered the AMAZING Decleor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Expert Mask, mentioned here, watch the video below, and you can even shop the look to get everything you need!

Bobbi Brown

9 Rose Shimmer Brick Compact – WAS £32 NOW£28

10 Shimmer Blush in Flame – WAS £32 NOW £28

11 Sparkle Eye Shadow in Silver Moon – WAS £20 NOW£18

12 Navy and Nude Eye Palette – WAS £48 NOW £43.20

Ridiculously I don’t actually have ANY  Bobbi Brown make up. I remember growing up and knowing that this was the brand that you used to get a “natural – no make-up” look, then I got a bit older and it seemed that this was the go-to brand for wedding make-up. But looking at these items I think they’re gorgeous for any occasion! I WANT!

So far I’ve been really good and haven’t actually bought anything, but it is only just lunch time! I know I can’t get all of this, we’re talking nearly £300 worth of make-up and I simply can’t justify that all in one day, especially so close to Christmas, can I?

Maybe I’ll wait and see what Santa brings me and then hit up the January sales?? BUT I NEED IT NOW?!

Let me know (please – I can shop vicariously through you) if you’ve given in and bought something, ANYTHING!


Beauty Shop…

A bit of an impromptu post this morning. I was planning on giving you an update on my “Sorting my Life Out” journey, however, whilst in bed and trying to get up (a point that I will be adding to the aforementioned journey), I received an email update from Debenhams.

The title was in capitals, and rightly so, “Up to 30% OFF EVERY DEPARTMENT”. Now I have a very small Debenhams just round the corner from where I work, and they have had constant offers, discounts and sales on for the past three weeks or so. However, the beauty department was exempt from all of these offers, typical!

But not today my friends, it’s not the full 30%, but 10%, but hey it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (as my dad would say, ohhhh yes I did just quote my dad).

Now I’ve only scrolled to half way through page three, of which there are twelve, with 200 products on each – OH MY GOODNESS! And the reason I stopped was because I knew I had to share this with you asap!

I’m going to put together a wish list, and when I say wish list I mean it’s probably going to accidentally end up in my shopping basket and eventually to my eager hands!

But come back later to see if I had any type of restraint whatsoever and if not what I bought!



Girl Crush…

So I had a lil’ bit of an unintentional Jennifer Lawrence fest last week…

First off was obviously The Hunger Games Catching Fire, and WOW, I loved this one more than the first. Although I think this was mainly to do with Peta. In the first film I wasn’t sure of his casting for this role. I was so in love with the books – it literally took me a week to read all three – and for me that just wasn’t how Peta looked.

But in the second one he definitely manned up (which always helps ; p), even if Katniss had to save his bum more often than not.

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games

Photo: Movies.Yahoo

The second was the Silver Linings Playbook, now I tried to read this book and really struggled. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what the storyline was going into it, and I just could not get my head around it, I think I started to feel like I was going crazy! With this in mind, and even though before reading the book I really wanted to see the film, I didn’t have huge expectations for the film, I knew JL had won an Oscar for best performance by an actress, as well as a whole host of other awards, but I thought I was going to be just as confused as I was with the book.

How wrong I was! I loved this film! It’s very rare that I prefer the film if I have read the book/s first, bit The Silver Linings Playbook is definitely an exception. I wasn’t actually feeling great when I watched it and had been off work and in bed all day, but this film really cheered me up! It’s such a feel good film, but still hits a deep and  un-chartered topic.

Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings

Photos: /

But it’s not only her films that are great, she seems to be a really genuine and down-to-earth person, and lets face it at 23 and with all that she’s accomplished you would expect at least a couple of diva moments. But no, she (apparently) picks Bud(weiser) over fancy artisan beers, and even goes to premieres, The Great Gatsby Premiere in New York to be exact, with her hair up and without any make up! Yes you heard me NO MAKE-UP!

Jennifer Lawrence no make up


And obviously she still looked bloody gorgeous!

As well as this she still has the ability to completely transform herself, from the fresh-faced beauty above, to girl-next-door, sophisticated ladeee, and super sexy siren…

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos: Nuray / / Style Bistro / Celeb Bitchy / GQ / Jadore by Design / HD Wallpapers

And this doesn’t even cover her hair…

 Jennifer Lawrence Hair History

Photos: http: Wall 9 / Celebrity Hairstyles / Style Bistro / Hair Finder / Hair Finder /We Women  / Always in WonderJ Hair Reviews / So Feminine / I’ve completely lost the link to this picture but this was at the LA Special Screening of Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence Pixi Hair

Photos: Hollywood Life / Glamour

So what do you think? Blonde or Brunette? Fringe or no fringe? Straight or Curly? Long or her new Pixi do’? This girl can wear it all!

Check out the amazing Jadore By Design for some of Jennifer’s hottest looks!


Frends with Benefits an Unexpected Christmas Wish …

Now now, reign in that filthy mind!

I’m obviously talking about the new Frends Headphones range “Frends with Benefits” in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be lusting after ANY pair of these little beauts, not only because they are soooo gorgeous, BUT because normal headphones (e.g iphone standard ones) really hurt my poor lil’ ears!

I didn’t think headphones could look so comfy, or get any prettier than the Frends Oil Slick, or Layla, and Taylor (bigger than the Layla) Rose Gold versions, which are available at Avenue 32.

Frends Oil Slick

Rose Gold

But no, enter these intensely beautiful babies…

Frends with Benefits

The Frends with Benefits range in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff, are, at the moment, only available in America via or for pre-order at Nordstrom.

Now for the Frends with Benefits range you must own the Taylor frame (I am unsure as to whether it has to be the gold frame), you can then simply swap the caps to suit your mood!
Frends with Benefits Caps
Frends with Benefits
Now they are not, by any stretch of the imagination cheap: Layla – £130, Taylor – £170, Oil Slick £140 all Avenue 32, and Friends with Benefits $249.95, which works out around £152 at Apple, Nordstrom’s are coming in at £162, BUT this is the only place (at the moment) that I can find the different caps, which are £32.39 a pair.
But I think the beauty of all of these may just be worth the cost?!
Head over to Refinery 29 for your chance to win your very own pair of the Frends With Benefits headphones. I’ve already entered!
Over on Rebecca’s Blog it’s said that “Rebecca used her favorite aquamarine embossed leather to create headphone caps to match the ultra-popular hologram accessories from her fall collection. Your #ootd will never be the same again.”
What are your thoughts on these? I still can’t decide which is my favourite?

Photos are taken from  Avenue 32, Nordstrom, and Refinery 29.

“Sorting My Life Out” – Beauty Routine…

As part of my new found motivation to “Sort my Life Out” I decided that I really should instil a ‘proper’ beauty routine!

Obviously I always take my make-up off before bed, sometimes : s and to be honest I never really have trouble with spots, BUT I do have ridiculously dry skin, and dark circles, no matter how much sleep  get!!

I always, always moisturise after having a shower, because I know that if I don’t I will literally have scales, especially on my legs, sexy huh! So I’m really good at this bit.

But when it comes to my face, not so much!!

I use Clarins Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion for Dry to Normal skin which I love, I don’t feel like there is anything completely amazing about it, I just get on with it well and it seems to work for me, although I would love it if they brought out a dry skin-specific range! Another reason why I like it is because I feel like when I use a separate cleanser and toner it makes me feel like I’m really cleaning my face and doing something good for it!? Just me?

Moisturisers have come and gone throughout my beauty-product-loving-life, and to be honest nothing has really made me think, or feel WOW! I’ve used Lancôme and Clinique, to Nivea and Boots own, with no major changes to my skin.

Which makes me think that my skin is craving more than just a moisturising cream!!

I’ve obviously heard about Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish product, and then saw that Superdrug do there own Hot Cloth Cleanser, so before splashing out I headed into Superdrug and picked up their version from their Vitamin E Skin Care range. It was 3 for 2 throughout the store so I also bought some Brightening Radiance Balm, from the Naturally Radiant Range, I think the third item was simply some cotton pads!

photo 2

I’m trying to use both of these products every day, the Brightening Radiance Balm in the morning before I apply my make-up, and the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser in the evening, usually in the shower so I don’t have to use up too much energy by introducing a completely separate step into my day.

As of yet I’m not too sure on the Brightening Balm, I’ve been using for about two weeks and it feels lovely applying this in the morning, but I can’t say it’s necessarily “brightening” my face. Whilst the Hot Cloth Cleanser I think is a great step to introduce into anyone’s beauty routine. It simply just takes off the dead and dull skin that’s built up by gently exfoliating with the muslin cloth that’s provided. And because it is so gentle it’s the perfect product/process to use every day if, like me, you suffer from dry skin. AND with my new Birchbox subscription I have in fact received Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish as part of their Christmas gift box, so watch this space for a comparison!

I’ve also decided to introduce a face mask once a week, ok I still need to get into the habit of doing this (and I’m thinking a hair mask at the same time would work) but I’m working on it and hoping that this will give an extra boost of hydration to my skin. Now face masks are not my speciality, and the main one I’ve used is Skinfood’s Mud Masque, which has always seemed good to me and just gave my skin a little oomph. I also received  couple of Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Masks in my Love Me Beauty box (I’m planning on doing a Love Me Beauty vs Birchbox post soon), and these are pretty good as well, it really is cooling and I can imagine would feel lovely in the Summer. I’ve also just received (another Love Me Beauty box product) the Le Soin Purifiant Absolution mask which I’m excited to try so I’ll keep y’all posted on that one!

Talking of masks, I watched a Millie Mackintosh YouTube video, which she filmed for Feel Unique, and she mentioned that she uses Decleor Hydra Floral Mask before doing her make-up, which is why she always has that gorgeous dewy glow! I knew I had to get this and I think it’s my new “Holy Grail” product. It comes out in a creamy texture, but as you warm it in your hands and on your face it turns oily and gives a fabulous sheen, whilst really moisturising your skin, which you can feel for hours, which for me is absolutely amazing! Watch the video here!

photo 4

A couple of other bits I’ve bought to make sure I’m giving my skin as much love as possible are Superdrug’s own Tea Tree Pore Strips, now as I mentioned I don’t really suffer from spots or blackheads but using these even once a month is going to prevent build up and hopefully allow my skin to glooowww.

I also bought Nivea Tinted Moisturising Cream, and Nivea Regenerating Night Cream. I know they’re probably not as good as some of the top brands, but as I mentioned earlier my skin needs more than just a top notch moisturiser, so I’m going to see how my skin reacts to introducing this beauty routine and if it works then I’ll invest in something a little more luxurious!