Topshop Haul…

So I finally bought myself a few bits from the Topshop make-up range. I’ve heard that both Topshop and MAC make up is made from the same company. But I can’t seem to find any official evidence of this.

Instead I’ll just focus on what I think of the bits I bought.

Firstly the packaging…
20131128-085822 pm.jpg
How amazingly cute is it?! But also sturdy and protective. I love the doodle stars!

Ok, now the good stuff! This is actually my new favourite product…
20131128-090400 pm.jpg

20131128-102601 pm.jpg
A gorgeous highlighter powder in Crescent Moon, this was the only one I saw  so I am unsure as to whether they do other colours. This is so lovely and really natural, I love that it creates a dewy glow, which I lust after with very product I buy!

Another new gem, this fab lippy in Straight Ace…
20131128-091049 pm.jpg

purple lips


Such a beaut of a colour, it’s really really purple : ) Great pigmentation and doesn’t dry out your lips. I think I may had a look to see if there is a lip liner that matches this so that I can create quite a sharp dramatic look. But I can tell it’s going to be my new go to!

Then you always need new tools…
20131128-091958 pm.jpg

20131128-101831 pm.jpg

I’m just as impressed with these as I am the products! The foundation brush is SUPER soft! I was literally stroking my face with it. I haven’t yet used this to apply foundation, as I haven’t really got on with stippling brushes. Instead I’ve used it with my new highlighter, although I’ve found that my MAC angled brush is better for this job. Gonna do a bit of a trial and error with this one!

And then the Smoky Eyes Brush, I love this! It is perfect for creating a smoky eye with its double ended applicators. With the thin angled end you can get really clops to the lashes and draw amazing “wings”. And the rounded end fits into the crease of the eye like a glove, and is the blender of all blenders!! I will definitely be buying a couple more of these bad boys!

The one thing I’m not overly impressed with is the nail varnishes. Amazing colours and good coverage, but not the best longevity. However, I was in a rush to apply the pink one so maybe I need to give myself another manicure ; )
20131128-094424 pm.jpg

Last but not least the price…
Highlighter £10.00
Lippy £8.00
Brushes £7-8
Nail Varnishes £5-6

As you can see the prices of all the products are pretty fair, and I think they are truly an investment into any make-up junkies collection. In fact I’m going to have a little look online for a few more bits – I’ll keep ya posted : )

Let me know your thoughts on this range! And whether you know anything about MAC make up being made by the same company! The quality of the bits I bought certainly suggest they are!


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