Have Christmas Cards Changed Their Spots?

Have you noticed that Christmas cards this year are a little more, well fun? Humorous, cheeky, even sarcastic – “Ah Bum Hug” anyone? By the amazing team at Bread and Jam over on Not on the Highstreet – I literally want their entire range!

With this in mind I have decided to design a small range of Christmas cards, which are a little more “on-trend” than the traditional “sleigh in snow” versions.

This pack will consist of 6 designs for £5 (postage will cost extra). And ALL the proceeds will go to an amazing charity…

My family and I are raising money for the fabulous Nurses and Drs at the Ron Johnson Ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. These Nurses and Drs went above and beyond to give great comfort to my cousin in his final days, to make both him and my family as comfortable as possible. Most importantly my cousin never felt judged and felt happy to be himself surrounded by people who got to know the real him.

We have a Just Giving page set up if you would like to know more about this fabulous ward, and the charity that supports it…


Here are a couple of designs from the collection of Christmas cards, I am still working on the others, but will be ordering by the end of the day…

Can you see a theme!


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