Extensions Experiment…

For the longest time I have wanted to have my hair ombred, however, my hairdresser was worried that my hair wouldn’t be able to handle all that bleach. So the other day I had a thought, what if I tried it on my extensions, hmmmmm, experiment….

I bought this Loreal Hair Lightening kit, mixed it all up and applied it to about four – five inches to the ends of the extensions. I just used my hands (with gloves) to work into the hair.

Photo 06-11-2013 01 48 13 pm


I left this on for around 2o minutes, and then applied a little bit more product to about an inch above the existing highlighted sections. I thought this would make it all a little bit softer and without a harsh line. I waited another 20 minutes and then washed it all off.

I left the anti-brassiness conditioner on them for about an hour just to give them a lil’ bit of love, don’t they look lovely : s

Photo 06-11-2013 08 31 53 pm

I blow dryed (how hard is it to blow dry hair extensions!?!) and straightened them, I usually leave a bit wave in them, so that they blend in a bit more with my real hair, but I wanted to see what the colour looked like. Here they actually look quite light and in pretty good condition…


I was quite happy with the effect, however, when I put them in I realised that I ideally wanted them a little blonder (although the instructions said not to leave the product on for longer than 45 minutes) so I played it safe! In this photo they show that definitely need some Moroccan Oil, or a trim, or some serious lovin’!

Photo 06-11-2013 09 30 18 pm

Then I started toying with the idea of applying some colour to the ends. These pics gave me some inspiration of a colour I’ve not yet had, blue?!!

I’ve heard quite a bit about Bleach London, and when I spotted ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ in my local Boots, and saw that the price had gone from £7 to £5 I snapped it up – on my Boots points – woooo! I also picked up some Jerome Russell bleach powder and cream to apply beforehand to give it an extra oomph, and so I didn’t get some weird river-green colour.


I did the exact same method as above with the bleach, however this time round I bought a tinting brush, as thought the blue may stain. Also the instructions for this one said you could leave the bleach on for up to an hour and a half. I didn’t want to leave it for too long considering I’d only bleached the hair a couple of days before, however, I checked the hair after twenty minutes and nothing had changed : / in the end I left the bleach on for about an hour as I was running out of time. With the product on, to me, it still didn’t look like much had changed, but I shampooed and conditioned them with my Blonde Glam Redken products, towel dried them, and prepared for the fun!

I applied the Bleach London ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ again with the brush to about two inches from the end of the hair and left for 15 minutes as instructed.

Photo 08-11-2013 05 12 14 pm ph1Photo 08-11-2013 06 48 56 pm

You then simply rinse in luke-warm water and voila blue tips! I think I may add some more next time to get a bolder result, I love the cooler they look with the product on so that’s my aim next time, and I’m gonna be brave and go higher! But pretty cool right?

 blue hair

This is my lil’ cousin Daisy! Check her Blog Daisy’s World out!!


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