Girl Crush…

So she’s one of those “you either love or you hate her” kind of girls, and to be honest I just don’t get it, because I think she is FAB!!

Fearne McCann

For starters she’s gorgeous! I’m so not one of those girls that doesn’t like girls because they’re pretty, I just want them to be my friends : ) annnndd teach me all their tricks.

Secondly she doesn’t take any crap, she stands up for herself and tells it how it is, to guys and gals. So she can’t seem to let go of her ex at the moment, so what, she loved him, still does, and he’s giving her attention – how many girls in that position would be able to walk away?

Anyways before I start sounding like some weird psycho-mania-cyber-stalker, let’s have a look at her lust-worthy wardrobe…

20131106-020413 pm.jpg

I know the black and white dress is from Lasula (I’m an avid checker of the site), and I’m on a mission to try and find out where everything else is from, I will keep you posted!

Even her Halloween out fit is pretty on-trend! Jumpsuits are everywhere at the moment – and as you can see from these gorge pics Miss McCann can well and truly rock a jumpsuit or two! My fave is the electric blue one, that neckline is awesome!

Now onto her “let me have them” locks and amaze beauty skills…

20131106-020425 pm.jpg

I think I like her because she seems like a normal girl, she’s stunning but girl-next-doorsy?!

She has some brilliant YouTube videos that show you how to get amazing “Big Bouncy Hair” and “Flawless Foundation“, be sure to check them out!

Let me know who you’re crushing on because they just seem so FAB!


P.s Photos from Ferne’s twitter @fernemccann,

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