Lipstick Lovelies…

I love a good lippy, and I personally think that nothing beats MAC, they are definitely some of my best. I have twelve lipsticks that I use the most, eight of which are by MAC, but I’m itching for more!

There are so many colours to pick from, 140 to be exact, and this doesn’t include all of the Viva Glam, Pro Long Wear, lipglass and regular limited edition collections! So not only is it really difficult to pick a specific colour, you then have to decide what sort of collection you’ll get this colour from. Even if you decide that you’ll just have a “normal” lippy, your decision doesn’t stop there…

Because then you have to decide which finish to pick!

The problem is the finishes aren’t all that self-explanatory, some sound like they should be, others not so much. Then, just when you think you have got to grips with what they all mean, they change. For example past finishes have included sheer, sheen supreme, cremesheen pearl, and the list goes on. At the moment there are eight different finishes; amplified creme, cremesheen, frost, glaze, lustre, matte, retro matte and satin; these can change For example past finishes have included sheer, sheen supreme, cremesheen pearl, and the list goes on. But if you’re looking to purchase a MAC lipstick at this moment in time then these are the ones you’ll be picking from.

Here is a brief run-down of what each finish can offer…

Packed with colour and a subtle shine to their finish. These long-lasting lipsticks are soft, smooth, and super creamy to apply.

Similar to Amplified Creme, this finish is creamy with a bit of a shiny sheen, and offers buildable colour.

Medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish, with effortless colour.

Glazes the lips with an immediate sheen. This finish has less of an instant colour impact and instead is super glossy.

Very slick, wet-look lustre finish. These lippies makes lips look soft, smooth and ultra-moist.

Satin lipsticks offer a soft “satin” shine yet with a semi-matte finish, whilst adding intense colour and conditioning the lips.

These fabulously long-lasting lipsticks offer rich pigmentation and intense colour pay-off, with a no-shine, all matte finish.

This finish is entirely inspired by the infamous ‘Ruby Woo’. It’s unique texture and popularity encouraged M•A•C to introduce this new range to their permanent collection. This finish is similar to that of the Matte collection, with perhaps some more vintage-inspired shades. Check out all of the shades in this new collection over at Kandee Johnson’s blog.

And so without further ado, here are my MAC lovelies (and friends)…

1. Up the Amp – Amplified, 2. Maybelline Pink Punch, 3. Saint Germain – Amplified, 4. Cyber – Satin, 5. Myth – Satin, 6. Gel – Frost, 7. Revel on Fire and Ice, 8. Rebel – Satin, 9. Snob – Satin, 10. Maybelline Fuchsia Pop, 11. Maybelline Coral Pop, 12. Impassioned – Amplified

The problem is, I would have laid money on the fact that Myth and Saint Germaine were from the Matte collection, and it turns out they’re from separate collections altogether. I think the above descriptions of finishes helps in a sense, but everyone’s lips are different so all lippies will behave the way they want to!

My advice would be to first pick the colour, then decide by the finishes. To help you out check out this blog make-up and beauty, which I think will be very helpful in deciding which MAC lippy to go for, considering they have swatches virtually all of them : o JEALOUS!!!

I hope you like this post! Let me know what you think of my swatches!


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