Topshop Haul…

So I finally bought myself a few bits from the Topshop make-up range. I’ve heard that both Topshop and MAC make up is made from the same company. But I can’t seem to find any official evidence of this.

Instead I’ll just focus on what I think of the bits I bought.

Firstly the packaging…
20131128-085822 pm.jpg
How amazingly cute is it?! But also sturdy and protective. I love the doodle stars!

Ok, now the good stuff! This is actually my new favourite product…
20131128-090400 pm.jpg

20131128-102601 pm.jpg
A gorgeous highlighter powder in Crescent Moon, this was the only one I saw  so I am unsure as to whether they do other colours. This is so lovely and really natural, I love that it creates a dewy glow, which I lust after with very product I buy!

Another new gem, this fab lippy in Straight Ace…
20131128-091049 pm.jpg

purple lips


Such a beaut of a colour, it’s really really purple : ) Great pigmentation and doesn’t dry out your lips. I think I may had a look to see if there is a lip liner that matches this so that I can create quite a sharp dramatic look. But I can tell it’s going to be my new go to!

Then you always need new tools…
20131128-091958 pm.jpg

20131128-101831 pm.jpg

I’m just as impressed with these as I am the products! The foundation brush is SUPER soft! I was literally stroking my face with it. I haven’t yet used this to apply foundation, as I haven’t really got on with stippling brushes. Instead I’ve used it with my new highlighter, although I’ve found that my MAC angled brush is better for this job. Gonna do a bit of a trial and error with this one!

And then the Smoky Eyes Brush, I love this! It is perfect for creating a smoky eye with its double ended applicators. With the thin angled end you can get really clops to the lashes and draw amazing “wings”. And the rounded end fits into the crease of the eye like a glove, and is the blender of all blenders!! I will definitely be buying a couple more of these bad boys!

The one thing I’m not overly impressed with is the nail varnishes. Amazing colours and good coverage, but not the best longevity. However, I was in a rush to apply the pink one so maybe I need to give myself another manicure ; )
20131128-094424 pm.jpg

Last but not least the price…
Highlighter £10.00
Lippy £8.00
Brushes £7-8
Nail Varnishes £5-6

As you can see the prices of all the products are pretty fair, and I think they are truly an investment into any make-up junkies collection. In fact I’m going to have a little look online for a few more bits – I’ll keep ya posted : )

Let me know your thoughts on this range! And whether you know anything about MAC make up being made by the same company! The quality of the bits I bought certainly suggest they are!


“Sorting My Life Out” – Part Two…

WARNING – This is a long one…

So last year I went through a “sort my life out stage”; for about 6 months I sorted through all my belongings, threw away junk, sold loadsa’ stuff on eBay and did two carboots, organised all of my bills and bank accounts so that I was only paying what I needed and all from the same account, set up savings accounts, started exercising daily, as well as loads of little bits like “feng-shuiing” my phone contacts. Basically I got organised and made some money doing it (ebay etc).

Everything started to become a habit and I would often find myself watching TV and then thinking I’m going to sort this out now, even at 9pm. It may have only been a small box or a drawer but I felt like I was being pro-active, productive and ultimately “sorting my life out”.

A big thing was starting to exercise every day, this was sometimes only 10 minutes on the treadmill, or some sit-ups before bed but I also did a couple of Pilates DVDs, and the 30 day Mean ABS Challenge over on perf-fect.tumblr.


If you ever need some inspo to put your trainers on head over here – seriously! This challenge was good for me as it didn’t take long each day, so I also added on a quick run before-hand and built up my times every few days. There are loads of other challenges too!

Well I kinda lost my mojo!

I went on holiday, which was what I was working out for, came back and didn’t feel like I needed to do anything for a while! Well as we all know as soon as you’re out of routine, for anything, it’s sooooooo hard to get back into it!

It wasn’t only the exercise that fell on the wayside. I still have two FULL Ikea bags, plus a box of stuff that I still need to get rid of – eBay can get very tiresome, what with all the post office trips, and people that want something for nothing. I seem to be getting home from work and slobbing in front of the TV until bedtime, which is getting earlier and earlier considering I’m not doing anything, literally! I’m not even blogging, tweeting or instagramming as much because I simply feel like I have no energy.

So I’ve decided it’s time I get back on track!

I’m telling you guys about this so you can egg me on, give me some tips, maybe do something to help yourself out and let me know about it!

In no particular order this is my PLAN (so far), I’m sure I’ll be editing it over the next few weeks…

  1. Start exercising
  2. Organise / de-clutter
  3. Clothes – go through everything and sell what I have stacked up. I think I would like to do this via a Blog Sale on here! But I might get rid of some bits via ebay?!
  4. Make up – Sort and organise. I have just re-arranged my bedroom (again) and now have a lil’ space for a dressing table, I don’t want to store all my make-up on here, it’s currently all tucked away nicely in a drawer, but I’m itching to get some Muji acrylic stacking drawers to sit on top and showcase some of my must-haves/most-used items, as well as a pot for some of my brushes.
  5. Detox – I’m thinking about either going on a bit of a juice diet, as per the Juice Master, Jason Vale’s “7lbs in 7 days” plan or joining Hello Fresh and simply eating really well for a couple of weeks.
  6. Start eating breakfast again! I never used to be able to last very long without breakfast, but I seemed to have replaced my trusty bowl of Weetabix/Porridge/Special K with a pretty large milky coffee.
  7. Start blogging more ritualistically – I thought I may have made this word up – apparently not : ) I love putting up posts and once I’m in the flow of it I’m fine, but with my lack of energy and motivation at the moment just thinking about sitting at the computer after work feels exhausting! I need a routine!
  8. Skincare – install a beauty routine… I have started this, I’ll keep y’all posted!

Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that I just need a routine for almost everything I do. I’m very much a “if you can’t do it one day then don’t fret too much” kind of gal, but if I’m thinking about it when I can’t do it then that’s a pretty good start to getting everything in order? I hope that makes sense!


I hate exercising, or more I hate the thought of exercising. I’m not a gym goer – I’m too self-conscious, and we have a treadmill at home so I don’t see the point of paying out £40+ a month when I can do this at home. But, the thing is, I also HATE running! Basically I’m really unfit and have completely taken for granted the fact that I must (this is only a guess as I never put on  tons of weight (I don’t ever lose tons of weight either)) just have a fast metabolism, because my friends, I do like to eat! I’m known at work as hollow legs : /

But lately I’ve been feeling a bit bleurgh, so first up (building up to the dreaded treadmill) I’m cracking on with the sit ups! Not normal sit-ups, oh no, these make you feel like you’ve been doing sit-ups all day after only a minute. And for someone that dislikes exercising as much as me, I do like that feeling in your stomach the next day when you’ve worked it good! Only the stomach though – nowhere else!

I found this link on Pinterest and swiftly added it to my Bikini Body Plan” board, about a year and a half ago : o


How to Do the Lower Abs Trifecta

1. Find an open floor space or grab a flat weight-lifting bench — that’s all you’ll need to start.

2. Complete 15 Ab Pulse Ups. Once this gets too easy, hold a dumbbell in between your feet as you pulse upwards.

3. Without resting, immediately do 12 Reverse Crunches. Once this gets too easy, hold a dumbbell in between your feet as you crunch inward.

Reverse Crunches, reverse crunch

4. Without resting, immediately do an Ab V Hold for 60 seconds, or for as long as you can.

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5. Rest 1 minute and 30 seconds.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 two more times, for a total of 3 LATs.

Lean it Up is the source for this plan, and these photos and videos, and it’s pretty tough, as of yet I haven’t been able to manage the V hold for a full 60 seconds. But whenever I’m exercising the lazy girl inside me thinks whatever I do it’s better than not doing anything! Which although is definitely a bit of a cop out, it means I don’t get too bent out of shape thinking about the fact that I can’t do it 100% just yet!

And “practice makes perfect ” don’t ya know!

So this is what I do now before I go to bed, on a mat, the floor. My next step is to get on the treadmill (boooooooo) before doing these sit ups, because apparently it’s better to have your heart rate up when trying to tone your muscles? Or at least that’s what Davina McCall says, I think!

Here’s a little inspiration to keep us/me going…


Source: theghostsoverground.tumblr

Source: perf-ect.tumblr / unknown / perf-ect.tumblr / Lean it Up

Or maybe I need some new gym wear to get me in the mood…

Source: Victoria’s Secret / Underground Soles / Addidas

I know that I have included a lot of links in this post without much “bumpf” but as I work through the above points I will expand on the links/companies/ideas that go with each.

I would love to know your thoughts/tips/ideas/ENCOURAGEMENT : )


Have Christmas Cards Changed Their Spots?

Have you noticed that Christmas cards this year are a little more, well fun? Humorous, cheeky, even sarcastic – “Ah Bum Hug” anyone? By the amazing team at Bread and Jam over on Not on the Highstreet – I literally want their entire range!

With this in mind I have decided to design a small range of Christmas cards, which are a little more “on-trend” than the traditional “sleigh in snow” versions.

This pack will consist of 6 designs for £5 (postage will cost extra). And ALL the proceeds will go to an amazing charity…

My family and I are raising money for the fabulous Nurses and Drs at the Ron Johnson Ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. These Nurses and Drs went above and beyond to give great comfort to my cousin in his final days, to make both him and my family as comfortable as possible. Most importantly my cousin never felt judged and felt happy to be himself surrounded by people who got to know the real him.

We have a Just Giving page set up if you would like to know more about this fabulous ward, and the charity that supports it…

Here are a couple of designs from the collection of Christmas cards, I am still working on the others, but will be ordering by the end of the day…

Can you see a theme!


Extensions Experiment…

For the longest time I have wanted to have my hair ombred, however, my hairdresser was worried that my hair wouldn’t be able to handle all that bleach. So the other day I had a thought, what if I tried it on my extensions, hmmmmm, experiment….

I bought this Loreal Hair Lightening kit, mixed it all up and applied it to about four – five inches to the ends of the extensions. I just used my hands (with gloves) to work into the hair.

Photo 06-11-2013 01 48 13 pm


I left this on for around 2o minutes, and then applied a little bit more product to about an inch above the existing highlighted sections. I thought this would make it all a little bit softer and without a harsh line. I waited another 20 minutes and then washed it all off.

I left the anti-brassiness conditioner on them for about an hour just to give them a lil’ bit of love, don’t they look lovely : s

Photo 06-11-2013 08 31 53 pm

I blow dryed (how hard is it to blow dry hair extensions!?!) and straightened them, I usually leave a bit wave in them, so that they blend in a bit more with my real hair, but I wanted to see what the colour looked like. Here they actually look quite light and in pretty good condition…


I was quite happy with the effect, however, when I put them in I realised that I ideally wanted them a little blonder (although the instructions said not to leave the product on for longer than 45 minutes) so I played it safe! In this photo they show that definitely need some Moroccan Oil, or a trim, or some serious lovin’!

Photo 06-11-2013 09 30 18 pm

Then I started toying with the idea of applying some colour to the ends. These pics gave me some inspiration of a colour I’ve not yet had, blue?!!

I’ve heard quite a bit about Bleach London, and when I spotted ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ in my local Boots, and saw that the price had gone from £7 to £5 I snapped it up – on my Boots points – woooo! I also picked up some Jerome Russell bleach powder and cream to apply beforehand to give it an extra oomph, and so I didn’t get some weird river-green colour.


I did the exact same method as above with the bleach, however this time round I bought a tinting brush, as thought the blue may stain. Also the instructions for this one said you could leave the bleach on for up to an hour and a half. I didn’t want to leave it for too long considering I’d only bleached the hair a couple of days before, however, I checked the hair after twenty minutes and nothing had changed : / in the end I left the bleach on for about an hour as I was running out of time. With the product on, to me, it still didn’t look like much had changed, but I shampooed and conditioned them with my Blonde Glam Redken products, towel dried them, and prepared for the fun!

I applied the Bleach London ‘Washed Up Mermaid’ again with the brush to about two inches from the end of the hair and left for 15 minutes as instructed.

Photo 08-11-2013 05 12 14 pm ph1Photo 08-11-2013 06 48 56 pm

You then simply rinse in luke-warm water and voila blue tips! I think I may add some more next time to get a bolder result, I love the cooler they look with the product on so that’s my aim next time, and I’m gonna be brave and go higher! But pretty cool right?

 blue hair

This is my lil’ cousin Daisy! Check her Blog Daisy’s World out!!


I’ve Finally Figured Out Bloglovin’…

So yeh I think I may be a little slow off the mark, but for some reason I just couldn’t get going with the whole Bloglovin’ thingy-majig!

But after some stern-ish ( ; p) words from Vicky over at Lots of Love, Me I got mu bum into gear.

And now I’m all sorted!! Click on the button over there ——————————————————>

to follow me!

Thanks guys, and humungous, massive thank you to Vicky!!


Girl Crush…

So she’s one of those “you either love or you hate her” kind of girls, and to be honest I just don’t get it, because I think she is FAB!!

Fearne McCann

For starters she’s gorgeous! I’m so not one of those girls that doesn’t like girls because they’re pretty, I just want them to be my friends : ) annnndd teach me all their tricks.

Secondly she doesn’t take any crap, she stands up for herself and tells it how it is, to guys and gals. So she can’t seem to let go of her ex at the moment, so what, she loved him, still does, and he’s giving her attention – how many girls in that position would be able to walk away?

Anyways before I start sounding like some weird psycho-mania-cyber-stalker, let’s have a look at her lust-worthy wardrobe…

20131106-020413 pm.jpg

I know the black and white dress is from Lasula (I’m an avid checker of the site), and I’m on a mission to try and find out where everything else is from, I will keep you posted!

Even her Halloween out fit is pretty on-trend! Jumpsuits are everywhere at the moment – and as you can see from these gorge pics Miss McCann can well and truly rock a jumpsuit or two! My fave is the electric blue one, that neckline is awesome!

Now onto her “let me have them” locks and amaze beauty skills…

20131106-020425 pm.jpg

I think I like her because she seems like a normal girl, she’s stunning but girl-next-doorsy?!

She has some brilliant YouTube videos that show you how to get amazing “Big Bouncy Hair” and “Flawless Foundation“, be sure to check them out!

Let me know who you’re crushing on because they just seem so FAB!


P.s Photos from Ferne’s twitter @fernemccann,

Lipstick Lovelies…

I love a good lippy, and I personally think that nothing beats MAC, they are definitely some of my best. I have twelve lipsticks that I use the most, eight of which are by MAC, but I’m itching for more!

There are so many colours to pick from, 140 to be exact, and this doesn’t include all of the Viva Glam, Pro Long Wear, lipglass and regular limited edition collections! So not only is it really difficult to pick a specific colour, you then have to decide what sort of collection you’ll get this colour from. Even if you decide that you’ll just have a “normal” lippy, your decision doesn’t stop there…

Because then you have to decide which finish to pick!

The problem is the finishes aren’t all that self-explanatory, some sound like they should be, others not so much. Then, just when you think you have got to grips with what they all mean, they change. For example past finishes have included sheer, sheen supreme, cremesheen pearl, and the list goes on. At the moment there are eight different finishes; amplified creme, cremesheen, frost, glaze, lustre, matte, retro matte and satin; these can change For example past finishes have included sheer, sheen supreme, cremesheen pearl, and the list goes on. But if you’re looking to purchase a MAC lipstick at this moment in time then these are the ones you’ll be picking from.

Here is a brief run-down of what each finish can offer…

Packed with colour and a subtle shine to their finish. These long-lasting lipsticks are soft, smooth, and super creamy to apply.

Similar to Amplified Creme, this finish is creamy with a bit of a shiny sheen, and offers buildable colour.

Medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish, with effortless colour.

Glazes the lips with an immediate sheen. This finish has less of an instant colour impact and instead is super glossy.

Very slick, wet-look lustre finish. These lippies makes lips look soft, smooth and ultra-moist.

Satin lipsticks offer a soft “satin” shine yet with a semi-matte finish, whilst adding intense colour and conditioning the lips.

These fabulously long-lasting lipsticks offer rich pigmentation and intense colour pay-off, with a no-shine, all matte finish.

This finish is entirely inspired by the infamous ‘Ruby Woo’. It’s unique texture and popularity encouraged M•A•C to introduce this new range to their permanent collection. This finish is similar to that of the Matte collection, with perhaps some more vintage-inspired shades. Check out all of the shades in this new collection over at Kandee Johnson’s blog.

And so without further ado, here are my MAC lovelies (and friends)…

1. Up the Amp – Amplified, 2. Maybelline Pink Punch, 3. Saint Germain – Amplified, 4. Cyber – Satin, 5. Myth – Satin, 6. Gel – Frost, 7. Revel on Fire and Ice, 8. Rebel – Satin, 9. Snob – Satin, 10. Maybelline Fuchsia Pop, 11. Maybelline Coral Pop, 12. Impassioned – Amplified

The problem is, I would have laid money on the fact that Myth and Saint Germaine were from the Matte collection, and it turns out they’re from separate collections altogether. I think the above descriptions of finishes helps in a sense, but everyone’s lips are different so all lippies will behave the way they want to!

My advice would be to first pick the colour, then decide by the finishes. To help you out check out this blog make-up and beauty, which I think will be very helpful in deciding which MAC lippy to go for, considering they have swatches virtually all of them : o JEALOUS!!!

I hope you like this post! Let me know what you think of my swatches!