Baby B Browne…

20131023-095142 pm.jpg
A couple of weeks ago I replied to a tweet regarding reviewing a tanning product from a company called Baby B Browne. I received the bottle in the post last week (all the way from Ireland). I tried this out last night and let me tell you I AM IMPRESSED!

20131023-080400 PM.jpg

Not only does it work like you would expect, tans you up, but it smells AMAZING, literally like toffee or caramel or something just as delish! It’s yummy!

It’s really easy to apply and doesn’t seem to streak, as you can see from the pic above I only applied this to one leg, (new trend?) so I could easily see the depth of colour.

I didn’t apply much, and definitely think that this would look really gorgeously bronzed with a bit more product.

In an effort to compare this make with a top brand…

20131023-082546 PM.jpg

I also applied St. Tropez, and honestly I wouldn’t say that the was that much in it, in fact the smell of the Baby B Browne one makes the whole process nicer! And at £14.95 for a 250ml bottle and £2.45 for delivery it’s cheaper!

20131023-095408 pm.jpg

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