River Island Haul…

Hi guys, so sorry this didn’t make it up yesterday, I had a very lazy day making my way through to the second series of Breaking Bad, when I finally got up enough energy to write up this post, then it all disappeared : ( unfortunately I hadn’t mustered up enough said-energy to do it again. Hopefully, the eye-candy (the clothes not me ; p) will make up for it!

As you can imagine I am now officially poor and counting down the days until payday! I popped into River Island on my half an hour lunch break on Friday and walked into the staff literally just putting out some new sale items, well that’s what I assume anyways, as there was loadsa’ stuff, in loadsa’ sizes! My poor credit card got a bashing, and I walked out with this lot…

20131021-115431 am.jpg20131021-115419 am.jpg20131021-115547 am.jpg20131021-115510 am.jpg

I was very naughty with these four as they were all full price, at approx £30 each. The black playsuit is actually velvet, I thought this would be lush with some tights and ankle boots? The last one was in fact £35 and I actually ended up taking this back, although it’s very pretty I just wasn’t convinced. I also felt like it may be one of those tops that you see everyone in on a night out, and that would just be soooo annoying!

20131021-115458 am.jpg20131021-115559 am.jpg20131021-115532 am.jpg20131021-115520 am.jpg

These four were all in the sale, with the first two being £10 each, and the third and fourth were £15 each. Although I’m loving the last one (one of my fave buys) I’m not a crop top kinda gal, so need to find the perfect high-waited trousers/shorts/skirt to go with, at the moment I’m thinking my disco pants, and some serious suck-me-in underwear!

20131021-115614 am.jpg20131021-115626 am.jpg

With the weather being as pants as it has been I couldn’t leave the shop without some Winter-warmers! Again naughty non-sale-buys, the jumper was £35 and the coat was £70 and my favourite purchase, I’ve worn it twice this weekend already!

Just like any outfit, no shopping trip is complete without some accessories, insert gorgeous bag at £25 and some finger-tip rings at £3. Is it just me that can’t seem to get on with these rings? They’re either too  big or too small, but I love them so just have to get on with the circulation-cutting-off issues!

20131021-115740 am.jpg

Quite a successful shopping trip don’t ya think?! And not a single leopard print item in sight – progress!!

Let me know what you think?


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