Naked Beauty…

No this is not a look good naked post… I finally got myself the Urban Decay Naked palette! I thought I should start at the beginning so picked the original palette over the second one. And have to say – I’m in love!!

The colours are gorgeous, and feel like velvet – this was even more noticeable when doing these swatches for you lovely folk…

Photo 17-10-2013 05 43 00 pm

Literally like stroking a luxurious piece of velvet!

I had a REALLY quick play with a couple if shades…

Photo 17-10-2013 07 09 48 pm

On the left is naked and buck, and on the right is toasted, with a touch if half baked and sin.

The only shade I’m not 100% sure about is creep (second from right), as it doesn’t seem to come out as dark as it looks. However, I think this’ll be a good one to build up for a dramatic look, and I love the shimmer!

Photo 17-10-2013 05 43 45 pm

I also got this eyeshadow with my purchase which is handy, I haven’t really had the chance to put this to the test yet and see if it makes a difference at the end of the night, but I will let y’all know!

Photo 17-10-2013 06 09 26 pm

Honestly I don’t know how’ve lasted so long without this lil’ beaut!!

Go get one! I got mine from House of Fraser for £36, and got 10% off – there’s always a voucher for HOF floating about somewhere!!

20131017-084247 pm.jpg

2 thoughts on “Naked Beauty…

  1. I’ve been wanting to try the Naked palettes for such a long time! I wasn’t sure which one to buy, but I think I’ll go with the original one first like you did, these colors look so pretty! Thanks for the great swatches and pics!

    • It is expensive but it’s lovely! I actually compared it to my cousins, who has the second pallet and there isn’t a massive amount of difference. I think I’ll ask for the that one as a gift or something rather than buy that myself as well! x

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