How much Leopard Print is too much Leopard Print?…

Yep, I think, I may, possibly, definitely have a problem…

As promised, here is my ever-increasing collection of leopard print items. Ranging from Dresses, to shoes, to cushions and a suit case : /


So including the new items I showed you yesterday, I have a grand total of 45 items. Excessive? Never!!






I’d love to know what you like best, or what you think is soooo completely tacky… I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Leopard Heels and my amazing suit case, and also my gorge tea cup (which I’m currently using as candle holder), which I got in a carboot sale on my holiday in France!

I can’t actually believe that I do not own a leopard print bag?! What’s that about!!??! On my wishlist (as I completely forgot it was Wednesday yesterday and didn’t post  my Wednesday Wishlist feature) I would love to find a bag, a nice notebook or planner, a make up bag (that’s where emj company can help), some ankle boots, a larger suitcase, ermmm what else?? Let me see…

I’d love to see your leopardy items. Follow me on Twitter and @Sayitwithlace and #leopardprint so I can see what ya got!!!


4 thoughts on “How much Leopard Print is too much Leopard Print?…

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