A Leopard Never Changes it’s Spots…

And why the hell would they when their infamous coat can look this damn good?!

I think I may have a problem… : /

By now you know that I am partial to a touch of leopard print. However, recently it has got a little out of control, in the last two weeks I have bought the following items, all consisiting of the gorgous “spots” found on these beautiful beasts. I am aware that the Oh My Love dress is a tiger, but when it comes to the Big Cats I’m just not that fussy (my darlin leopard you’ll always be my fave)!


As you can see every item is amazingly priced, and not only that but you can see the stunning Millie Mackintosh below modelling two of MY outfits : )


Photo 07-10-2013 10 56 52 am

I told you how I found Oh My Love here, and how I had to get the leopard print jumpsuit, and EVERYONE knows of ASOS, if you don’t where have you been? Literally?! Well another company that you simply MUST check out is Lasula Boutique, these  T-shirts (above) are gorgeous, the dress is a really good quality, and I also bought some Disco Pants, which are soooooo comfy for only £22! I will definitely be getting some more!

So the question is do I have a problem or not? Before you answer that come back tomorrow to check out the leopardy bits that I already own!


2 thoughts on “A Leopard Never Changes it’s Spots…

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