Crazy Weekend…

This weekend has been so jam-packed that it’s meant I have been extremely slack on the blogging front! And the twitter front, and the Instagram front! Oopsy!

So Friday

I went into work early as I was leaving at half 3 to go straight to my sisters and pick her and my 2 nieces up, to then drive for an hour and a half to Petersfield where my Aunty was getting married. After getting changed in the car park of a petrol station, I then changed my mind on my outfit and had toswap outfits in a lay-by on the side of the motorway! : / not ideal!


Photo 05-10-2013 09 06 52 pm Photo 06-10-2013 05 27 27 pm

We arrived just as the speeches were about to start (we were supposed to go to the whole day but I couldn’t get time off work, and my sister couldn’t take my niece out of school) so that was pretty awkward, especially as my cousin, one of the bridesmaids, had to arrange for some chairs for us to sit down.

As the designated driver I was trying to decide when then best time to have my one glass of wine would be!? Whilst everyone around me was getting pretty tipsy – it was only 6pm, but hey what are weddings for?!

After a chat with my sister I called the local Premier Inn and booked a room! Straight to the bar I went with my designated driver label firmly on the floor under various sets of heels!

The night was brilliant and I spent time with family that I don’t see very often.


We left the premier inn around 11:30am the next morning after a full English, the only downside to this being that we could literally count our beans – around 12! And ended up getting home at 1ish.

I was completely exhauseted after my non-stop Friday and had to have a nap before prepping for a night out in Putney.

Luckily this wasn’t too hardcore and I think I used more energy getting ready than on the chat-filled evening.

Photo 07-10-2013 10 56 52 am


I ended up staying in Putney on Saturday, so even though it was a relaxing evening I had to get up and drive home. It was also one of the bestie’s birthdays so I knew we were all meeting in the afternoon for some drinks – another nap was needed!

I met some friends in a river-side pub and chatted the night away, with a side of calamari for good measure.

Bedtime at 10:30 ended this crazy weekend!

So when I write it all down like his I wonder why I was too busy to do anything else, I think I still may be recovereing from the wedding?!


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