Wednesday Wishlist…

It’s time for another Wednesday wish list, this week’s is a little bit unrealistic. At least for buying all at once, these are my techno dreams…


My first purchase is going to be a Digital SLR Camera, however, I am so not in the know on these lil’ babies! I know I want either a Nikon or a Canon and something that I can build my knowledge with, I love the look of both of the above, and have scrolled through the reviews, which sound amazing. But before I commit to buying anything I want to be able to handle them and see which I prefer. Any help on the Nikon vs Canon debate would be truly appreciated, as would any advice on specific models!

I’m also hoping to get an ipad around Christmas – hopefully with some help towards it as a pressie : ) Then my phone contract ends in January so I’ll see what’s out then, but I love the look of the Sony Experia Z, it’s huge, and so sleek, I like the white option!

The Mac Book Pro is a bit of a pipe-dream, and not really needed, I do have an iMac. BUT they are sooooo pretty!!

What’s on your techno wish list?



Check out what I was lusting after last week here

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