New Find…

“The Would You Rather Tag: Makeup Edition!”

So yesterday I found a blog called Beauty and Bliss, which had a few posts that had the word tag in the title. In turns out I have stumbled upon another fab idea that seems almost second nature in the blogging world.

It seems that someone, somewhere builds a list of questions, answers them and then tags other bloggers so that they can also answer them and pass it on.

So here goes my first one;

1. Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lip glosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?
As much as it would be sooooo hard to give up on all eye shadows, the thought of giving up mascara actually gives me palpitations! My daily look is actually a lick of liquid liner and a coat of mascara, this can then be embellished further for night looks and can look amazing! And as great as you can make eye shadows look, what’s the point if you can’t finish it with a couple of coats of mascara? And don’t get me started on not being able to whip out some red lippy, or MAC Rebel/Snob/Up the Amp, I could go on, and on…

2. Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
Although I really don’t think I could pull off the bald-headed look, I do have pretty dry hair and growing that forever without not even a trim, I just know would look completely terrible! And maybe starting again would be the key to thick, gorgeous, flowing tresses?!

3. Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?
Ohh, now this one is tough! Initially I wrote coral straight away, this was based on a couple of light pink blushes that I don’t really feel do much for me, in the sense that I could barely even see them. BUT then I also have a dark, and a gorgeous gold pink, both of which are lovely. Then I have some gorgeous corals NARS Orgasm for example. Ok so which one??? Errrmmm I think pink.

4. If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
Oh no!!! Are these on purposely getting harder? I think I would have to pick clothes. I have a serious, unhealthy addiction for buying new clothes! However, I think I could probably spend $\£1000 quicker on make-up!

5. Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
Hmmm interesting… I think lipstick as eyeliner. Simply as there would be a much larger choice of colours! Obviously this would have to be applied with a brush otherwise hello clown makeup!

6. Would you rather only shop at Mac or Sephora?
Well Sephora stocks so many brands so this would probably be the obvious choice, however, I don’t think there are any Sephora’s left here (UK) anymore. How unfortunate to only have to shop in MAC ; p

7. Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?
This is so difficult! I think I’d only use one eyeshadow. Either a light goldy colour or a black/dark grey to create smoky eyes. Then, as mentioned in my answer to question one, I could also choose to not wear it. Then make different looks using my various lip colours.

8. Would you rather wear winter clothes in the summer, or summer clothes in the winter?
Another tough one! I’m usually cold, so practically I think I would have to choose winter clothes in Summer. However, the thought of giving up denim shorts – NIGHTMARE!

9. Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?
Dark nails! I dark moody red is a classic!

10. Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?
Ouch! I’d give up my eye product I think. Life without Vaseline or lip balm would just be painful! I keep them everywhere!

11. Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?
Messy bun. My hair has a life of it’s own and when/if I ever put it into a ponytail it has a nice habit of flicking out here, there and everywhere, no matter how much I’ve straightened or hair sprayed it.

12. Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lip gloss?
Can I still use lipstick? If so I’d never use lip gloss. If not I DON’T KNOW! Maybe never paint my nails again, sob!

13. Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?
WOW! How can you pick between these? I honestly can’t …. (Have I ruined the game forever?)

14. Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
Nail polish. I love my nails being painted, but I love makeup so much more! And me without makeup, forever, doesn’t bear thinking about!

I think I need a lie down after those questions, they were tough!

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Hope that this was fun to read, I may add them as a more regular post if you guys like them – let me know your thoughts : )

Also if you would like take part please do, and I would love for you to comment below with the link to your answers so I can have peak!


Off out for a couple of glasses if Rose. What dy’all think of my outfit? AND checkout that bad-boy phone case!! It’s from River Island and was reduced to £6 from £15, but because the leopard head had completely fallen off they reduced it down further to £2.50. BARGAIN!!

20131026-080712 pm.jpg

20131026-080640 pm.jpg

20131026-080651 pm.jpg

Baby B Browne…

20131023-095142 pm.jpg
A couple of weeks ago I replied to a tweet regarding reviewing a tanning product from a company called Baby B Browne. I received the bottle in the post last week (all the way from Ireland). I tried this out last night and let me tell you I AM IMPRESSED!

20131023-080400 PM.jpg

Not only does it work like you would expect, tans you up, but it smells AMAZING, literally like toffee or caramel or something just as delish! It’s yummy!

It’s really easy to apply and doesn’t seem to streak, as you can see from the pic above I only applied this to one leg, (new trend?) so I could easily see the depth of colour.

I didn’t apply much, and definitely think that this would look really gorgeously bronzed with a bit more product.

In an effort to compare this make with a top brand…

20131023-082546 PM.jpg

I also applied St. Tropez, and honestly I wouldn’t say that the was that much in it, in fact the smell of the Baby B Browne one makes the whole process nicer! And at £14.95 for a 250ml bottle and £2.45 for delivery it’s cheaper!

20131023-095408 pm.jpg

River Island Haul…

Hi guys, so sorry this didn’t make it up yesterday, I had a very lazy day making my way through to the second series of Breaking Bad, when I finally got up enough energy to write up this post, then it all disappeared : ( unfortunately I hadn’t mustered up enough said-energy to do it again. Hopefully, the eye-candy (the clothes not me ; p) will make up for it!

As you can imagine I am now officially poor and counting down the days until payday! I popped into River Island on my half an hour lunch break on Friday and walked into the staff literally just putting out some new sale items, well that’s what I assume anyways, as there was loadsa’ stuff, in loadsa’ sizes! My poor credit card got a bashing, and I walked out with this lot…

20131021-115431 am.jpg20131021-115419 am.jpg20131021-115547 am.jpg20131021-115510 am.jpg

I was very naughty with these four as they were all full price, at approx £30 each. The black playsuit is actually velvet, I thought this would be lush with some tights and ankle boots? The last one was in fact £35 and I actually ended up taking this back, although it’s very pretty I just wasn’t convinced. I also felt like it may be one of those tops that you see everyone in on a night out, and that would just be soooo annoying!

20131021-115458 am.jpg20131021-115559 am.jpg20131021-115532 am.jpg20131021-115520 am.jpg

These four were all in the sale, with the first two being £10 each, and the third and fourth were £15 each. Although I’m loving the last one (one of my fave buys) I’m not a crop top kinda gal, so need to find the perfect high-waited trousers/shorts/skirt to go with, at the moment I’m thinking my disco pants, and some serious suck-me-in underwear!

20131021-115614 am.jpg20131021-115626 am.jpg

With the weather being as pants as it has been I couldn’t leave the shop without some Winter-warmers! Again naughty non-sale-buys, the jumper was £35 and the coat was £70 and my favourite purchase, I’ve worn it twice this weekend already!

Just like any outfit, no shopping trip is complete without some accessories, insert gorgeous bag at £25 and some finger-tip rings at £3. Is it just me that can’t seem to get on with these rings? They’re either too  big or too small, but I love them so just have to get on with the circulation-cutting-off issues!

20131021-115740 am.jpg

Quite a successful shopping trip don’t ya think?! And not a single leopard print item in sight – progress!!

Let me know what you think?


Naked Beauty…

No this is not a look good naked post… I finally got myself the Urban Decay Naked palette! I thought I should start at the beginning so picked the original palette over the second one. And have to say – I’m in love!!

The colours are gorgeous, and feel like velvet – this was even more noticeable when doing these swatches for you lovely folk…

Photo 17-10-2013 05 43 00 pm

Literally like stroking a luxurious piece of velvet!

I had a REALLY quick play with a couple if shades…

Photo 17-10-2013 07 09 48 pm

On the left is naked and buck, and on the right is toasted, with a touch if half baked and sin.

The only shade I’m not 100% sure about is creep (second from right), as it doesn’t seem to come out as dark as it looks. However, I think this’ll be a good one to build up for a dramatic look, and I love the shimmer!

Photo 17-10-2013 05 43 45 pm

I also got this eyeshadow with my purchase which is handy, I haven’t really had the chance to put this to the test yet and see if it makes a difference at the end of the night, but I will let y’all know!

Photo 17-10-2013 06 09 26 pm

Honestly I don’t know how’ve lasted so long without this lil’ beaut!!

Go get one! I got mine from House of Fraser for £36, and got 10% off – there’s always a voucher for HOF floating about somewhere!!

20131017-084247 pm.jpg

Wednesday Wishlist

A late post today, but it’s Wednesday and I want stuff : ) and promise this’ll be the last leopard print one for a while – I’m aware I need to reign it in!!

And next week maybe a bit more of a realistic one!? But what re wishes for if not for things you can’t get easily? Granted some of these bird are attainable…

20131016-101350 pm.jpg

If I can’t get a leopard print dog (I’m not much of a cat person – but it’s like a mini leopard) then I can always accessorise! Or get a real one?? Hmmmm

20131016-102003 pm.jpg

Sale Now On?

A bit of a reach out post today… I Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts / advice / history in regards to blog sales.

I have sooo many clothes that should have been put on eBay a good while ago. And I’m so overdue a wardrobe cull!

20131014-091336 pm.jpg

20131014-091350 pm.jpg

So I wanted to know whether you have, have used or absolutely hate blog sales?

I feel like it would be much simpler than eBay?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated : )

How much Leopard Print is too much Leopard Print?…

Yep, I think, I may, possibly, definitely have a problem…

As promised, here is my ever-increasing collection of leopard print items. Ranging from Dresses, to shoes, to cushions and a suit case : /


So including the new items I showed you yesterday, I have a grand total of 45 items. Excessive? Never!!






I’d love to know what you like best, or what you think is soooo completely tacky… I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Leopard Heels and my amazing suit case, and also my gorge tea cup (which I’m currently using as candle holder), which I got in a carboot sale on my holiday in France!

I can’t actually believe that I do not own a leopard print bag?! What’s that about!!??! On my wishlist (as I completely forgot it was Wednesday yesterday and didn’t post  my Wednesday Wishlist feature) I would love to find a bag, a nice notebook or planner, a make up bag (that’s where emj company can help), some ankle boots, a larger suitcase, ermmm what else?? Let me see…

I’d love to see your leopardy items. Follow me on Twitter and @Sayitwithlace and #leopardprint so I can see what ya got!!!


A Leopard Never Changes it’s Spots…

And why the hell would they when their infamous coat can look this damn good?!

I think I may have a problem… : /

By now you know that I am partial to a touch of leopard print. However, recently it has got a little out of control, in the last two weeks I have bought the following items, all consisiting of the gorgous “spots” found on these beautiful beasts. I am aware that the Oh My Love dress is a tiger, but when it comes to the Big Cats I’m just not that fussy (my darlin leopard you’ll always be my fave)!


As you can see every item is amazingly priced, and not only that but you can see the stunning Millie Mackintosh below modelling two of MY outfits : )


Photo 07-10-2013 10 56 52 am

I told you how I found Oh My Love here, and how I had to get the leopard print jumpsuit, and EVERYONE knows of ASOS, if you don’t where have you been? Literally?! Well another company that you simply MUST check out is Lasula Boutique, these  T-shirts (above) are gorgeous, the dress is a really good quality, and I also bought some Disco Pants, which are soooooo comfy for only £22! I will definitely be getting some more!

So the question is do I have a problem or not? Before you answer that come back tomorrow to check out the leopardy bits that I already own!


Crazy Weekend…

This weekend has been so jam-packed that it’s meant I have been extremely slack on the blogging front! And the twitter front, and the Instagram front! Oopsy!

So Friday

I went into work early as I was leaving at half 3 to go straight to my sisters and pick her and my 2 nieces up, to then drive for an hour and a half to Petersfield where my Aunty was getting married. After getting changed in the car park of a petrol station, I then changed my mind on my outfit and had toswap outfits in a lay-by on the side of the motorway! : / not ideal!


Photo 05-10-2013 09 06 52 pm Photo 06-10-2013 05 27 27 pm

We arrived just as the speeches were about to start (we were supposed to go to the whole day but I couldn’t get time off work, and my sister couldn’t take my niece out of school) so that was pretty awkward, especially as my cousin, one of the bridesmaids, had to arrange for some chairs for us to sit down.

As the designated driver I was trying to decide when then best time to have my one glass of wine would be!? Whilst everyone around me was getting pretty tipsy – it was only 6pm, but hey what are weddings for?!

After a chat with my sister I called the local Premier Inn and booked a room! Straight to the bar I went with my designated driver label firmly on the floor under various sets of heels!

The night was brilliant and I spent time with family that I don’t see very often.


We left the premier inn around 11:30am the next morning after a full English, the only downside to this being that we could literally count our beans – around 12! And ended up getting home at 1ish.

I was completely exhauseted after my non-stop Friday and had to have a nap before prepping for a night out in Putney.

Luckily this wasn’t too hardcore and I think I used more energy getting ready than on the chat-filled evening.

Photo 07-10-2013 10 56 52 am


I ended up staying in Putney on Saturday, so even though it was a relaxing evening I had to get up and drive home. It was also one of the bestie’s birthdays so I knew we were all meeting in the afternoon for some drinks – another nap was needed!

I met some friends in a river-side pub and chatted the night away, with a side of calamari for good measure.

Bedtime at 10:30 ended this crazy weekend!

So when I write it all down like his I wonder why I was too busy to do anything else, I think I still may be recovereing from the wedding?!