Twitter finds…

Twitter is like a catalogue for unique and gorgeous products! I seem to find a new, brilliant, company every day at the moment. I’m literally finding it so hard not to spend bucket loads of money every day on each of these companies.

Oh My Love is one of those companies, and one that I did not succeed against in terms of keeping my money in my bank!


I found Oh My Love  because it popped up on feed and I instantly spotted this GORGEOUS leopard print playsuit, as you are probably starting to realise I am a leopard print magpie. I instantly browsed through their website and realised that every piece is just as beautiful, and really fairly priced. Which meant I obviously ended up having seven items in my basket, in all of ten minutes, four of which are leopard print and include the playsuit above! I defy you to check this website out and not buy anything!

Two companies that I have, as yet, been able to restrain myself on are Anarchy Street and Bauble Bar, this is simply because every time I go on each site I end up looking at a shopping basket of £100+, but bearing in mind that it’s pay day tomorrow I know I’m going to have to make a some tough cuts just so I can get some of this lush eye candy on my wrists, fingers and neck!

Anarchy Street – I LOVE their Hamsa hand collection – they did have a bracelet but I can’t seem to find it now : ( I’m sure a necklace and ring of the same style will make up for it!!


Bauble Bar – this site has so many stunning pieces that I haven’t even been able to look through everything yet, but their essentials section is a great place to start.Twitter-Finds-Bauble-Bar

I’m definitely going to be spending some serious money soon! Help me decide which pieces to pick…


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