Mr P, Marry Me?…

So I mentioned the other day that I will not advertise companies that I would not personally use or vouch for, and then you may have seen a link (down over there, on the right) advertising a company called MRP. Never heard of it? Me either, until a few days ago!

AND oh wow, it’s amazing! It’s been quoted as

the South African equivalent to Primark… except with even cheaper prices”

SAY WHAT NOW?? How can the prices be cheaper than Primark? And even if they are, South Africa means shipping cost, yes it does, a whole £4. Huh?? This sounds too good to be true…

Well my friends I think we may be dreaming! I had a little peak over on MRP – stands for Mr Price (hello Mr!) and not only are the prices RIDICULOUS, but pretty much everything is gorgeous as well!! It sort of reminds me a little of Forever 21, when they first dipped their toes over here. Meaning a few things aren’t as hot as others yet, knitwear, for example, is lacking a little, but the tops, SHOES, bags, jewellery and lots more all more than make up for it. They even sell make up with nail varnishes costing £1!!!!

AND it doesn’t stop there!!!! They are also running a competition to win a YEAR’s supply of clothes – WOW! All you have to do is fill in a couple of questions, and for more chances of winning you can send the comp onto some friends! This is just too good to pass up – I’ve already entered, so off you go!

I’ve put a few looks together of some bits that I will definitely be ordering next week (come pay day!), for you to get an idea of how fashion forward and CHEAP MrP is…

So we’ve got, Casu and Cute, Monochrome Chic , and Colour Popping! The green wedges – SWOON!


As you can see you can get an entire outfit, including shoes, bags and accessories for under £40!

What are you thoughts on MrP then? Just so dangerous don’t ya think?!


P.S Sorry about all the CAPS, this excited me way too much!!

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