Onesie Wonders…

Hey chickens!

Behold my first Next Blogger Network post (see my lil’ badge down on the right). Please be aware I do not like the thought of advertising companies or products that I would not personally use or vouch for. But who doesn’t like Next? Home section anyone?!?! Yum!

Because of this I have been cautious in choosing my first link, but when I saw this topic on the top of the Next page I actually gasped – Onesies!! Now this gasp wasn’t because I am a onesie fanatic, not at all in fact – I do not (as of yet) own one : ( “sob”! Not because I do not like them, they look super comfy, but because I begrudge paying some of the prices asked for them, those ones that are £100+?? I think not!

Now if there was a gold/leopard print/lace one that popped up, I may waiver the cost a little, but as of yet no such luck! UNTIL, and this is where the gasp comes in, I saw a leopard print one in Next – low and behold!

Therefore I thought this topic perfect as my introduction to the Next Blogger Network.

Now, this lil’ cutie is not your typical, sometimes tacky leopard print (a potential shame), but instead a gorgeously-melt-into fleecy material, in a soft minky grey colour, and it looks and feels like a lil’ bit of sleepy heaven!


onesie detail

Oneisie me

And in the interest of being thorough – check out that last photo! Of course I had to try in on for you, it really really is as comfy and soft as it looks.

It even comes in a variety of sizes – Petite, Regular, and Tall – AND you can get these sizes in a longer version – purrrrfect (see what I did there?). This is a small, and I think I would stick with this size but go for the longer length, or possibly go for a medium, literally just so there was room for a bit of give and take in the wash. It also has a cute lil’ hood with ears for those extra snuggly moments! I did take a photo, but honestly you don’t want to see it!

At £32.00 it’s more than I would usually spend on nightwear, but to me this looks like something I would compeletly live in! It took me some restraint to walk out of the shop without it today, but maybe to justify it I could whack it on the Christmas list? hmmm can I wait that long?! How many days until pay day??

What do you think about Onesies? Come on you can tell me!! Why not send me in some pics to share a ‘Onesie Wonderland‘, I am on fire today, right her on Say it with Lace!!


2 thoughts on “Onesie Wonders…

  1. Oh my gosh that looks so comfy and soft! This post makes me want to go buy one right now and curl up on my couch for a nap! You can really rock a onesie too! Kudos for having the courgage to try it on for the world, love! xX Michelle

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