Listen up Blondie…

This one or that?

So bit of a change of pace for this post, which I’m quite excited about…

At the moment I’m probably a third of the way through the transition of becoming a full-blown BLONDE, from a red-tinged brunette. The process didn’t take as long as I, or my hairdresser thought – I had my first highlights session in April, and I’ve only and two more since that initial one. However, I want to be blonder!! But my hairdresser (Dawn, I love her) is being very professional and gives me a stern NO, everytime I go in and whine that I want more blonde in my life. You see when in the good old Babyliss Steam n Straight Straightners days I completely ruined my hair by straightening it everyday. I used to have really long thick hair, and now it’s quite thin and damaged. It’s A LOT better than what it was, but it’s taken a while (bearing in mind the Babyliss days were 7 odd years ago).

So in the in-between highlight sessions I thought I could see if any products could help me on my voyage. I currently use Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo and Conditioner to try and give it a little bit extra oomph, but I wondered if you lovely people know of anything better?? I’ve heard good things about TIGI Bed Head, not necessarily the blonde series, but others. But any recommendations would be very appreciated!


and don’t think you’ve got away with it that easy, got another beauty question for ya tomoz! : ) Thanks chickens!


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