Shelfs up…

So Saturday ended up being a pretty productive day. I ended up putting my beaut of a shelf up (the one from France) put up a photo ledge, sorted the issue I was having with the legs on my desk, put up a little stationery pot/bits and bobs holder, and put up a couple more photos on my photo wall. I’m feeling really happy with how everything is looking at the moment.

I roped in my step-dad to help me with this, as the wall I had chosen, typically, is really hard to drill into, and because of this we obviously made a huge mistake and had to drill the holes twice. Basically I was so distracted by the horizontal line-up – do I go in the middle of the door and the shelf, or in the middle of the door and the chest of drawers? I decided, with the help of my mum to put the shelf up centrally between the shelf and the door, and wanted it to be in line with the shelf (the bottom one) because of this. But that last bit I completely forgot about, I was so focused on holding the shelf in the middle that I didn’t take any notice of lining it up with the shelf. So when I stepped back to admire my handy-work, 1) the TV was far too high, 2) the shelf looked way too far over to the left, AND 3) the shelf was about 5 inches above the bottom shelf, so all in all in looked so terrible. So we took everything down and the wall looked like this… Oops…

This time because the shelf had to go quite a bit further down we had to centralise it between the door and the chest of drawers, but it looks soooo much better.

I attempted to fill one hole, it actually looks better in person, and I still have to sand it, when I was doing this however, I hadn’t plugged my TV cables back in and this little sucker was hiding behind it. Need to get on that! And I also need to sort out those nasty cables – I have a cable tidy but I’m contemplating spraying it gold – do you think it’ll work? Serious question!!

The Photo ledge

New Additions to my Photo Wall

20130916-081954 PM.jpg


This ‘Love’ sign cost me £2.50 because apparently it’s damaged. Shabby Chic, no?

20130916-082000 PM.jpg

And some new eye candy!! I’ve got a thing about flamingos at the moment!

And you know I love a Buddha!

20130916-082035 PM.jpg

Desk post to come soon ;)


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