French purchases…

I finally received my cute lil’ shelf yesterday, the one I bought in France. I had to wait for my dad to bring it over on his car, would have been a bit of a struggle with three bags, one push chair, and two toddlers – plus I fell on the last night (helping to load the dishwasher – not whilst under the influence, well not much anyways) so I had a really cool limp as well.

But anyways my shelf…

20130911-091227 PM.jpg
Ahhhhhh…dya like my dreamy bokeh effect??

So my plan for this is to keep it exactly how it is, i love the pale blue, shabby-chic feeling – and hey it is from France! The little drawer – did ya spot that? just needs updating, and I was thinking of these pulls…

The first two are from Anthropologie, and the third one (which I think may be my favourite) is from French Grey Interiors

Which is your favourite? This will then end up as my TVs home, right here…

20130911-091451 PM.jpg
Not so dreamy! This way I will have the top of my drawers for more surface area. I think I also want to sort a shelf just underneath the TV one for my Sky box and DVD player. I at least need to do something with all those pesky cables!

Can’t wait to share a pic when this is all up and running!


p.s sorry for the pants photos here – iPhone : o xx

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