Buddha Calm…

So as well as gold, lace, and leopard print, I also LOVE Buddhas. I guess I collect them, as much as I try and tell myself I stop collected things when I was 15, but hey I have six Buddhas in one room, so I admit defeat – it’s a collection. Don’t get me wrong I’m not religious at all, I mean I was christened when I was little, hum and mime along to all the wedding and christening bits that you’re supposed to, and tick the Christian box on forms, but religious? Not so much. However, there’s something about these Buddhas (some with body’s, some without) that I find very calming, and innocent, and friendly! I just love them! What do you think?

    20130910-092711 PM.jpg 20130910-092704 PM.jpg

  20130910-092657 PM.jpg   20130910-092751 PM.jpg

20130910-092741 PM.jpg     20130910-092728 PM.jpg



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