Real Techniques Review…

So these brushes are my new make-up regime must haves! They are fab!

I started with the big Powder Brush for my bare minerals powder, as the bare minerals one had been used to death. I was so unsure of which brush to get, knowing I obviously wanted a decent one but also something I didn’t have to pay ridiculous amounts for.

I saw the Real Techniques range in Boots first, and hadn’t really heard anything about it before. I actually, very sneakily, ended up taking it out of the box to give it a quick feel – I just wanted to see how firm it was before buying. It seemed fine so put it in my basket, at £11.99 it wasn’t cheap as chips but with a quick feel I knew it wouldn’t be awful, which is always a bonus.

When I first used it I was so impressed, I hadn’t realised how much I’d killed my last brush! This one was so soft! The hairs didn’t fall out! It just felt so good! And worked like magic!

Soon I started to lust after the Expert Face Brush. I’d been contouring my cheeks with a normal blusher brush, squished between my fingers! And this one just looked like the perfect shape, no squishing required! I actually ordered this one on Look Fantastic along with my shampoo and conditioner, for £11.99. Could it be, this brush was even better than the powder one?! Really soft again, but really firm, and the perfect shape to get in under my cheekbones and contour those bad boys!

Once again through Look Fantastic, I ordered four more brushes (I may now have a problem), which included another Expert Face Brush (I just love it), the Blush Brush, the Setting Brush and the Foundation Brush.

Photo 25-09-2013 10 57 12 pm

So I think you can see where this is going but here are the reviews anyway…

Powder Brush – £11.99
Super soft, perfect for distributing powder evenly over the entire face! But also easy to squish a little and apply product directly to a specific area, such as under the eyes.

Photo 30-09-2013 08 45 06 pm

Foundation Brush – 8.99
Now this one isn’t as soft as it’s cousins, but that’s actually a good thing! It feels like your painting on your foundation or concealer with this brush, whilst also blending and blurring the product into your skin.

Photo 30-09-2013 08 45 47 pm

Blush Brush – £9.99
Oh my goodness, as Andrex says this lil’ baby is soft soft soft! And absolutely perfect for gently applying colour to the apples of your cheeks. Even with some of the harsher colours, or the more heavy-handed applicant you can’t go wrong with this domed brush.

Photo 30-09-2013 08 45 26 pm

Setting Brush – £6.99
Now this brush is great for highlighting your face. At the moment that’s all I’ve used it for. I actually bought it to use for my bare minerals concealer powder. But it’s a bit too soft for that as it’s naturally a blending brush I think. It would be perfect as a eyeshadow blender – but then it’s dirty for the the highlighter – hmmm another addition to Wednesday’s Wishlist post?

Photo 30-09-2013 08 45 41 pm

Face Expert Brush – £9.99 – 11.99
Last but by no means least is this little jem! As I mentioned earlier I now have two of these (one I got for £11.99 and one for £9.99 I’m not sure what happened there?). One I use for contouring my cheeks, which it really is just amazing for. It’s like using a squished blusher brush and just fits my face perfectly! It’s nice and firm, which means I can really build up some great colour. The second one is still nice and snug in its box. I bought it as I saw a make up tutorial by Zoella and I’m sure it was this brush she used to blend her foundation. Which I can imagine would work really well given the shape and firmness of the brush. However, before I delved into my foundation and dirtied up this brush I wanted to test drive the actual Foundation Brush. At the moment I’m in two minds as to whether to try out the expert Face Brush for foundation or not?! What dya reckon?

Photo 30-09-2013 08 46 03 pm

One HUGE, massive, amazing thing about these brushes, apart from the fact that they feel so good on your skin, is that I haven’t had one single hair from any one these brushes fall out, absolutely FAB, and for how much they cost compared to other make-up brushes out there they really are fantastic!!!!

One teeny-tiny flaw – I wish they had a bigger range so I could have MORE!

It’s so funny because now I have these and I think I’m soooo clever, I literally see every other beauty blogger with them – check out any You Tube “make-up how to” and without a doubt at least one Real Techniques brush will be used, and to be honest I can completely understand why!

Head over to the Real Techniques website  to find out about Sam Chapman (the beauty brains behind the brushes), as well as the entire line.

Let me know what make-up brushes you can’t live without!!


Twitter finds…

Twitter is like a catalogue for unique and gorgeous products! I seem to find a new, brilliant, company every day at the moment. I’m literally finding it so hard not to spend bucket loads of money every day on each of these companies.

Oh My Love is one of those companies, and one that I did not succeed against in terms of keeping my money in my bank!


I found Oh My Love  because it popped up on feed and I instantly spotted this GORGEOUS leopard print playsuit, as you are probably starting to realise I am a leopard print magpie. I instantly browsed through their website and realised that every piece is just as beautiful, and really fairly priced. Which meant I obviously ended up having seven items in my basket, in all of ten minutes, four of which are leopard print and include the playsuit above! I defy you to check this website out and not buy anything!

Two companies that I have, as yet, been able to restrain myself on are Anarchy Street and Bauble Bar, this is simply because every time I go on each site I end up looking at a shopping basket of £100+, but bearing in mind that it’s pay day tomorrow I know I’m going to have to make a some tough cuts just so I can get some of this lush eye candy on my wrists, fingers and neck!

Anarchy Street – I LOVE their Hamsa hand collection – they did have a bracelet but I can’t seem to find it now : ( I’m sure a necklace and ring of the same style will make up for it!!


Bauble Bar – this site has so many stunning pieces that I haven’t even been able to look through everything yet, but their essentials section is a great place to start.Twitter-Finds-Bauble-Bar

I’m definitely going to be spending some serious money soon! Help me decide which pieces to pick…


Mr P, Marry Me?…

So I mentioned the other day that I will not advertise companies that I would not personally use or vouch for, and then you may have seen a link (down over there, on the right) advertising a company called MRP. Never heard of it? Me either, until a few days ago!

AND oh wow, it’s amazing! It’s been quoted as

the South African equivalent to Primark… except with even cheaper prices”

SAY WHAT NOW?? How can the prices be cheaper than Primark? And even if they are, South Africa means shipping cost, yes it does, a whole £4. Huh?? This sounds too good to be true…

Well my friends I think we may be dreaming! I had a little peak over on MRP – stands for Mr Price (hello Mr!) and not only are the prices RIDICULOUS, but pretty much everything is gorgeous as well!! It sort of reminds me a little of Forever 21, when they first dipped their toes over here. Meaning a few things aren’t as hot as others yet, knitwear, for example, is lacking a little, but the tops, SHOES, bags, jewellery and lots more all more than make up for it. They even sell make up with nail varnishes costing £1!!!!

AND it doesn’t stop there!!!! They are also running a competition to win a YEAR’s supply of clothes – WOW! All you have to do is fill in a couple of questions, and for more chances of winning you can send the comp onto some friends! This is just too good to pass up – I’ve already entered, so off you go!

I’ve put a few looks together of some bits that I will definitely be ordering next week (come pay day!), for you to get an idea of how fashion forward and CHEAP MrP is…

So we’ve got, Casu and Cute, Monochrome Chic , and Colour Popping! The green wedges – SWOON!


As you can see you can get an entire outfit, including shoes, bags and accessories for under £40!

What are you thoughts on MrP then? Just so dangerous don’t ya think?!


P.S Sorry about all the CAPS, this excited me way too much!!

Wrap it up now…

OH MY GOODNESS look at these bad boys…

EMJ Company1

These are available from EMJ Company and are priced (from left to right) at £28, £52, £40, and £56. I am soooo getting me one of  the brush wraps! Literally I can’t even believe I’ve lasted this long without one!

They have so many other cute designs like polka dot, snake skin, or classic black leather! These would make any girls Christmas pressie wishes come true!


Wednesday Wishlist…

Welcome to my Wednesday Wishlist, a feature that, if received well, I will post each Wednesday (shocker I know!). I think it’s will be handy for me to keep a “journal” almost of everything I see and WANT! However, very dangerous, it’s definitely going to make me spend more by remembering everything little thing!

First up, on the beauty wishlist, is Nars, obviously, blush. As of yet I have no Nars make up in my make-up bag, sacrilege I know! I have been wanting the Orgasm Blush for as long as I can remember, and now I can’t decide whether to get this one or Super Orgasm (or both). Has anyone used either or both of them? But to be honest I want them all, Seduction just looks delish! And whats a blush without a decent brush, this number 19 one is more for bronzer, but hey lets not be picky!


My Christmas list is going to be huge isn’t it?! Ooopsy!

What are you lusting for at the moment?


All pictures taken from Nars.

Onesie Wonders…

Hey chickens!

Behold my first Next Blogger Network post (see my lil’ badge down on the right). Please be aware I do not like the thought of advertising companies or products that I would not personally use or vouch for. But who doesn’t like Next? Home section anyone?!?! Yum!

Because of this I have been cautious in choosing my first link, but when I saw this topic on the top of the Next page I actually gasped – Onesies!! Now this gasp wasn’t because I am a onesie fanatic, not at all in fact – I do not (as of yet) own one : ( “sob”! Not because I do not like them, they look super comfy, but because I begrudge paying some of the prices asked for them, those ones that are £100+?? I think not!

Now if there was a gold/leopard print/lace one that popped up, I may waiver the cost a little, but as of yet no such luck! UNTIL, and this is where the gasp comes in, I saw a leopard print one in Next – low and behold!

Therefore I thought this topic perfect as my introduction to the Next Blogger Network.

Now, this lil’ cutie is not your typical, sometimes tacky leopard print (a potential shame), but instead a gorgeously-melt-into fleecy material, in a soft minky grey colour, and it looks and feels like a lil’ bit of sleepy heaven!


onesie detail

Oneisie me

And in the interest of being thorough – check out that last photo! Of course I had to try in on for you, it really really is as comfy and soft as it looks.

It even comes in a variety of sizes – Petite, Regular, and Tall – AND you can get these sizes in a longer version – purrrrfect (see what I did there?). This is a small, and I think I would stick with this size but go for the longer length, or possibly go for a medium, literally just so there was room for a bit of give and take in the wash. It also has a cute lil’ hood with ears for those extra snuggly moments! I did take a photo, but honestly you don’t want to see it!

At £32.00 it’s more than I would usually spend on nightwear, but to me this looks like something I would compeletly live in! It took me some restraint to walk out of the shop without it today, but maybe to justify it I could whack it on the Christmas list? hmmm can I wait that long?! How many days until pay day??

What do you think about Onesies? Come on you can tell me!! Why not send me in some pics to share a ‘Onesie Wonderland‘, I am on fire today, right her on Say it with Lace!!


Best of the Emmy’s 2013…

Here are my favourites from last nights Emmy awards. I do not necessarily like everything about the entire look of each picture, for example I’m not sure Anna Faris can pull off the colour of her dress with her hair that blonde, but overall these are the ones that stood out to me…


Which were your faves??

All photos are taken from Vogue and E Online!


Date Night…

Hey kids,

so tonight I have a date (scared face), I met a guy at my friends engagement party last Saturday, actually it was in the bar after the engagement party, just to make it sound even more desperate, he he! And we got on, after much flirting he took my number and asked if I was free the following weekend, obviously I said yes. He text me a couple of times before confirming our date; Friday 20th September, 8pm, Putney – just to make it even more scarier. I’ve never been to Putney, pathetic I know from a 27 year singleton!

So WHAT TO WEAR?? (another scared face.)

Tuesday lunchtime I popped into H&M and had a browse (I’m getting so much better at disabling the “buy everything straight away and be poor for the rest of the month” reflex) and came across a cute jumper (I’ve been looking into differing jumpers considering the weather changed overnight from boiling hot to monsoon and freezindom) but nothing was really catching my eye at the amounts they were being sold for. However, the one in Hennies was £9.99 and the fluffy type that’s everywhere at the moment, and which I hoped would look cute but casu (casual), sold! Right next to it was a lovely cream, sleevless blouse with gold studs around the collar (I have one in Khaki) also at £9.99, not for the date but either for another night or even work! So to the till and just to make it all even better the store was having some secret promotion, which took off £5 = £15 for a jumper and a blouse – brilliant!


BUT then today, D-day, I went into New Look to look for a big chunky necklace to go over my jumper and ended up spending £62.95 – oops! Maybe not getting better at that whole reflex thing after all! But I did well to be fair, I got:


A chunky gold necklace – £5.99

A set of 5 midi rings – £3.99

A really cool chunky lion head gold bracelet – £6.99

A dark green blouse – £17.99

AND some cute lil’ tan ankle boots – £27.99 , which look pretty good quality me thinks?!

The H&M and New Look mash up…


Listen up Blondie…

This one or that?

So bit of a change of pace for this post, which I’m quite excited about…

At the moment I’m probably a third of the way through the transition of becoming a full-blown BLONDE, from a red-tinged brunette. The process didn’t take as long as I, or my hairdresser thought – I had my first highlights session in April, and I’ve only and two more since that initial one. However, I want to be blonder!! But my hairdresser (Dawn, I love her) is being very professional and gives me a stern NO, everytime I go in and whine that I want more blonde in my life. You see when in the good old Babyliss Steam n Straight Straightners days I completely ruined my hair by straightening it everyday. I used to have really long thick hair, and now it’s quite thin and damaged. It’s A LOT better than what it was, but it’s taken a while (bearing in mind the Babyliss days were 7 odd years ago).

So in the in-between highlight sessions I thought I could see if any products could help me on my voyage. I currently use Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo and Conditioner to try and give it a little bit extra oomph, but I wondered if you lovely people know of anything better?? I’ve heard good things about TIGI Bed Head, not necessarily the blonde series, but others. But any recommendations would be very appreciated!


and don’t think you’ve got away with it that easy, got another beauty question for ya tomoz! : ) Thanks chickens!


Facebook Woes…

After having to wait for my initial account to be deleted, I have finally been able to open my Say it with Lace Facebook page – yayyy!

BUT I need help, unlike a normal Facebook profile I can’t see where/how to add and search for people? Am I being completely blind?? You can access my page via the link to the right, but this is what my page looks like…

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 20.04.41Feeling very inadequate right about now : (