Super Duper-Quick Updates…

I wanted to share with you a couple of updates that all in all took around an hour, and 45 minutes of that was generally paperwork maintenence and cleaning.

I’ve had this chest for about ten years, my dad’s friend made it and then my dad gave it to me. As you can tell, it becomes a bit of a dumping ground from time to time – oops!


But with a bit of a tidy up, some overdue filing, a throw and a few cushions I now have a cute yet easy seating option, which looks a whole lot nicer than before!


Then there’s my bedside table, an ikea find that I really do love. I had nothing really planned for this piece (the occasional thought of spraying her gold kept popping into my head, but thus far I’ve resisted. Then I found an old drawer knob that I bought literally years ago, it looked about the same size as the current one, perhaps a little bigger, and I thought I’d see what it looks like. Very classy don’t ya think?!


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