Chair Re-vamp…

HELP! I have revamped this chair and I completely love it! I simply sanded the whole thing down and varnished it with a clear matt varnish. For the legs I taped of just above the rails with masking tape, and painted the remaining chair this gorgeous sagey green.

BUT now I can’t pick a fabric to reupholster the seat… what do you think? The last picture is how I have it at the moment with a tie up cushion on.Chair--

I love both the knitted one and the sack, but I can’t decide if these would be better as a cushion instead?

This is how the chair looked originally (sorry for the poor quality pic!), my local doctor’s surgery were throwing them out so I nabbed it, and how it looks now!


As you can see it didn’t need much just a lil’ bit of TLC!

I’m now SO obsessed with dipped legs! Check out tomorrow’s post for some of my ‘dip-look’ inspiration for future projects!

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