My Photo Corner…

I’ve wanted to create a photo wall for such a long time, but have always been put off by the amount of work this could be (and the task of sorting out the holes when I move again), as well as the cost for all of the frames.

However, after looking at this daily, which to be honest I do love – Gripping Stuff  is amazing, I decided I wanted something a little more structured.ImageAfter some research I realised that I was drawn more to the mismatched look, like this and this, which meant that I could raid the charity shops and get some bargains.

My first task was to arrange the above pictures in an interesting layout…Image

As you can see I already had some photo frames to hand so used these in my initial layout.

As well as finding some that were packed away after moving. But the ones that got me the most excited were the ones I found in a local charity shop, I got five for £4.50 – the cheapest being 25p – SOLD!

ImageYou may notice that some photos have moved/changed from my initial layout idea. This is because I didn’t really take into account how much bigger some of the frames may compared to the photos. A silly mistake I know, but I’m really happy with the outcome and especially love my gold charity shop bargains.

I still have a few photos that I may or may not put up, I can’t decide – think I may not be able to stop if I don’t give myself a clear stop sign!

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