Gold glamour…

So I think I have a problem, I may, possibly be addicted to spray painting, more specifically spray painting things gold. Items that don’t really have any business being gold, but that look bleeding AWESOME!!! Check it out…

20130831-022445 PM.jpg

20130831-022458 PM.jpg

 I think the reason I can’t stop finding things to paint is that it’s soooo easy! I simply placed a few items at a time into a big, old bucket and do three or four light coats, and presto shiny glamourous (not tacky at all) gold stuff :) it’s safe to say these now super-pretty items make me smile!!!


Super Duper-Quick Updates…

I wanted to share with you a couple of updates that all in all took around an hour, and 45 minutes of that was generally paperwork maintenence and cleaning.

I’ve had this chest for about ten years, my dad’s friend made it and then my dad gave it to me. As you can tell, it becomes a bit of a dumping ground from time to time – oops!


But with a bit of a tidy up, some overdue filing, a throw and a few cushions I now have a cute yet easy seating option, which looks a whole lot nicer than before!


Then there’s my bedside table, an ikea find that I really do love. I had nothing really planned for this piece (the occasional thought of spraying her gold kept popping into my head, but thus far I’ve resisted. Then I found an old drawer knob that I bought literally years ago, it looked about the same size as the current one, perhaps a little bigger, and I thought I’d see what it looks like. Very classy don’t ya think?!


Ta da…

Ok so here it is! What do you think?

20130828-110250 PM.jpg
It’s far from completely finished – I have some leg (table) issues, and at the moment my previous desk is sitting beside it. Which I don’t hate but I need to figure out a way for it all to flow better.

Any ideas? I may even move all of the furniture around?!

But I love how much space I have, and the clean look and feel of my new shiny desk : )


Sneaky Peak…

I thought I’d give you a sneak peak into what I have been dealing with in terms of my desk area…



As you can see it’s a bit of a mess! I love the table, which I got last year in a brocante in France (I may be a little bit obsessed with these – but hey at least I can admit it!) for 20 Euros – Bargain!! I did have to treat it for wood worm but this took all of half an hour, and “TOUCH WOOD” everything seems fine and the ceiling is still up!

However, as much as I love it, I wanted something bigger, cleaner, and with perhaps more storage?

So this is how a roughed up piece of wood – half a door I think, found itself in my back garden with a hand saw to it!

I’ll keep y’all updated, with more pics to come!

Also details of that rather expensive Ikea trip and pics of all the bargains I bought back with me from France!


Holiday time…

So I’m currently sitting on the ferry on my way to France with my sister and 2 nieces, we are meeting out dad and his wife and staying in their house over there. I’m planning on visiting lots of brocantes (French thrift shops – that may not be how you spell it) So I will have lots of photos to upload in a weeks time.

I am also in the middle of a couple of big projects, which is why I have been a bit quiet this past week. Think new desk, made from a scrap bit of wood found on the street, plus an impromptu and pretty expensive visit to ikea!

See you in a week (this is where I wish I was from Texas and could say y’all)!! xx


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Chair Re-vamp…

HELP! I have revamped this chair and I completely love it! I simply sanded the whole thing down and varnished it with a clear matt varnish. For the legs I taped of just above the rails with masking tape, and painted the remaining chair this gorgeous sagey green.

BUT now I can’t pick a fabric to reupholster the seat… what do you think? The last picture is how I have it at the moment with a tie up cushion on.Chair--

I love both the knitted one and the sack, but I can’t decide if these would be better as a cushion instead?

This is how the chair looked originally (sorry for the poor quality pic!), my local doctor’s surgery were throwing them out so I nabbed it, and how it looks now!


As you can see it didn’t need much just a lil’ bit of TLC!

I’m now SO obsessed with dipped legs! Check out tomorrow’s post for some of my ‘dip-look’ inspiration for future projects!

A lil’ bit of Inspo…

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Just a quick one tonight, I’ve got that Friday feeling early so a bit of inspiration is just what’s needed for the coming weekend! I actually have the “Enjoy the Little Things” as a tattoo, something to live by me thinks!

Check out Kush and Wizdom for tons of motivational picture quotes, and Faith Hope Love for some amazing inspirational photographs!

What are your plans of productivity this weekend? I’m going to try and get a ‘Say it with Lace’ Facebook profile up and running : )

Aloha – Destination Hawaii…

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